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for Drake's Legacy Training Part:2

1/24/2011 c1 2Rambo'neil
ah, the second installment in the series, i think it would have been better to just ad another chapter instead of making another story but thats fine.

not much i can do grammatically but the story is nice. it advanced pretty decently and the plot is pretty good. nice plot twist, losing two men and giving him a platoon as a replacement.

science stuff now: i highly doubt that a foreign and unexplored planet would have anything that conforms to homo-sapient nutritional requirements. the proteins would be too different and it might actually cause more harm than good. another thing, were those men part of the security at the station, cause then that would explain the heavier weaponry. the nutrient problem could be solved if they had some kind of bio converter of some sort, hey this is the future, they can do this sorta stuff.

other than that, its good, keep up the good work

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