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2/17/2011 c7 Rosesecret02
Haha finally, but I should start updating too :D

Yay, something is starting to happen! Can't wait for the next chapter :3 it's getting interesting :)
2/16/2011 c7 6Kisho
I've been waiting for you to update! :3

... what? I haven't reviewed since chapter 3? Uh, oops. ^_^'

I really like this chapter! Getting some important development like this, even though we still know next to nothing... it's really artistic, the way you're pulling all this off.

Please keep writing, I really can't wait to read more. :3
2/16/2011 c7 Voldemort
OMG, they killed her parents :(

but amazing as always, a big surprise for us all. this has only started. keep going with the good work! (:
2/16/2011 c7 death-by-shinigami
that was an interesting chapter,

what confused me at the beginning was the dialouge between Hayashi and Kobayashi.

LOL^ i see a pattern.

i'm really looking forward to the next chapter, you havent updated in so LONG! i was actually getting kinda bored, and i thought you abandoned your story for good.. D:

its nice to see that your still writing :D

keep it up :D
1/19/2011 c6 5Aera the Ninja
Hey there what's up?

The story is going great so far :)

I can't wait for the next update.

"as dark -and- my nightmares"... Mistake?

Anyway, I g2g so seeya ;D
1/19/2011 c6 Manga-is-love

Nice chapters, sorry i haven't reviewed in awhile, i've been EXTREMELY busy with school ):

Fujiyama is my favorite character, cause well, the way you describe him, i bet he would look hot. xD

anyways. when are you going to introduce some more characters? It seems so plain without anyone else, but its really mysterious.

The 9 organization sounds like a group of wannabe gangsters.


bye bye for now, update soon! i'll be waiting :)

(UGH, i really need to make an account on here, but i really only write for Fanfiction, so i don't see that there is a point. :D)
1/19/2011 c6 death-by-shinigami
WOW, excellent chapter. Fujiyama sure had a melancholy past...

Have you ever read/watched Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl)? You seem to make the story almost as excellently done as Hell Girl. Chiharu Hayashi does remind me of Ai Enma, only the eyes aren't red. ): Anyways, could you write the next chapter on what the 9 Organization exactly is? It still kind of confuses me how they have to kill innocent people. Other than that, it's really good! I read some of your other stories, and i have to say this one is the best. (well only because i'm not a huge romance lover. You seemed to write a lot of romance, especially in Beautiful Melodies and World War I. Kinjo and Hidaka, Nakamura and Yamada)


1/19/2011 c5 shattered.illusions
This is a very different story. The short chapters add suspense to the story, keep up the good work. Your grammar and literary devices are used fairly well throughout each chaper. I like how you have a poetic touch to the story, it makes it more mysterious and beautiful. Excellently done, i'll be wating for updates.

1/17/2011 c1 1iriuhtam
I like how the chapters are really short, it builds up suspense, and a yearning to know what happens next. I like the details, it feels like I'm a part of the scene, the way you describe it. Write more, I'm looking forward to what happens next! (:
1/17/2011 c5 14Louis-sama
A nice update. So this chapter is from Hayashi's point of view. A very good way to portray how Fujiyama had to endure in his life before meeting Hayashi. Stating that Hayashi's parents being afraid of seeing their child is a good touch too.

I'll wait for update. I like your style.
1/17/2011 c5 death-by-shinigami
Interesting... This chapter has more detail then the rest, that's for sure. So the organization spared Fujiyama? No one else? It seems kind of interesting how they could just kill all these people for no apparent reason. I understand that they might become a threat to the organization, but still doesn't give a good legitimate reason. I want to know more about Fujiyama and this 9 organization. They still seem kind of out there... Keep up the excellent work, i'm looking forward to more chapters.

OHH, exams... That sucks. I have them too. -.- High school just never really changes every semester eh?

Hopefully the next chapter is more about Fujiyama. :)

Prepared to wait... :P
1/17/2011 c5 rosesecret02
hey, i iked this chapter the best :D gives you so much info! you finally realize some of the things you've been wondering :P

anyway, with not much to say here...

seeya :)
1/17/2011 c1 5Midori Ushi Law
This story sounds like it's going to be something interesting. I'm sorta creeped out by all her beauty and this guy's fascination towards her. you seem like a pretty good writer. I wish my chapters were shorter. I can tell that your stories are poetic. They're descriptive and short in length, but they have meaning to them. Keep up the interesting work.
1/16/2011 c4 14Louis-sama
Short as always, huh? Well, never mind. It's easier for me to read.

Okay, let's get it started.

This chapter seemed to give us a deeper view into Fujiyama character. Suicide attempts: 9, huh? Now I am amazed on how can he survived after that. 9 failed attempts to commit suicide. While this story is interesting, I think that your story still lacks its plot development. Maybe you can try making longer chapter next time. I'll be waiting for the next update.
1/16/2011 c4 Rosesecret02
Supposedly doing hmwk, so I can't watse time logging in :)

Anyway, I like this. There was one mistake (I'm not exactly sure where, maybe where chiharu accused Fujiyama of worrying about her) you spelt 'too' instead of 'to'. Haha well I gotta finish some geo now :D
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