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for Always Dandelions

1/20/2014 c26 PD
AWWWW come on, please update, i'm dying here. I'm so obsessed with this Adrian guy... all i think about is this story's ending. It's an awesome story!
1/17/2014 c22 Helen
It is 1 AM right now and I am crying my eyes out. Oh my goodness your writing is beautiful and heartbreaking.
12/13/2013 c26 pastelcolors
Wowwie. Has it been that long since you've updated?
I love this story so much though, please update.

I love Adrian too, and to see him in a state like this. I really wanna go back to the times before this whole wife thing came up because Jenny seriously reads people so well, and they're perfect.
He was so much happier with too.

11/29/2013 c26 SoccerChicky99
This makes me want to cry all over again! Such a wonderful chapter!
11/26/2013 c26 Guest
Thinks! Love youre story
11/19/2013 c1 mermaidljk
this is really well written, definitely reading on
10/14/2013 c24 Lily
Please please please update soon! I absolutely LOVE this story! Keep up the good work!
10/7/2013 c26 twibbit
So amazing i cried a lot :")))
9/7/2013 c6 majesticindiangirl
Liking the way things are building with Adrian and liked how this chapter ended with things with dana
9/7/2013 c5 majesticindiangirl
This chapter was really really good!
8/24/2013 c26 SuperNerdDC
8/19/2013 c26 cat10985
OMFG! not going to lie.. I was not mad about you not updating but i would have been PISSED! if Adrian died! That would have totally ruined my day! lol. I love him and I love him and Jenny together! The ending was so perfect! When he was saying all those hurtful things i kept thinking "he is pushing you away! don't fall for it!" So glad she realized this too and went back to him. They need to have a happy ending, just wish she could get her little brother back too! then it would be perfect.. but i realize life is not perfect.. Anyways i am sorry to hear about your dealing with depression.. we all go there sometime or another.. I feel you about the job..I am still currently looking for one and i graduated in 2011.. Hang in there. We will all find what we are looking for.. it just may take longer. Great job with the story.. and I hope once this is over you have another in mind! I love the way you write! Feel better!
8/19/2013 c26 XXHotSparklesXX
Omgomgomgomg I cried so haard! Thanks for updating can't wait for next chapter! Q
8/14/2013 c1 Darkaisling
Omg I cried, I was so upset, I thought he died. So kisses for you for keeping him alive. This was such a heart renching update...thank you
8/15/2013 c26 2LiterateLovers
Sooo happy to see you back! God I missed Adrian!
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