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2/4/2011 c8 AbbeyXD
O interesting! update!
2/3/2011 c7 grapefruitgirl
I am loving this story! You simply must add more. :D
2/1/2011 c7 LaurenAlainaFan
Haha I'm really glad you did post this chapter! My power was out for a while too and when it came back on, I was excited to see the new addition to the story! And stop saying the chapters aren't great! They're amazing, I promise! Why else would I be reading them so often? I'm excited to see more from you! Oh, and thanks again! :)
1/29/2011 c7 ellaistria
YEAH! Bring on the thunders! I can't believe Kris actually did hang out with Alec and Cammie, I love him! He seems the kind of jerk-type guy but deep inside I'm sure he is just so in love with Cammie :D And I'm glad you came back, your story is really wonderful :) Wish you ALL THE BEST and sorry for my english,

1/29/2011 c7 4smileinthemira
cute :D
1/29/2011 c7 3Brightheart
interesting. i can't wait to see who ends up with who at the end.
1/26/2011 c6 LaurenAlainaFan
I've become addicted to this story! I keep checking every day for a new chapter and I may go insane if another one isn't posted soon! Just wanted to tell you that you have a fan and to keep it up! PLEASE!
1/26/2011 c6 ellaistria
I love this story!
1/23/2011 c6 queenjade
Ohh i loved this chapter with the whole tattoo and Kris getting jealous..aw :) it makes me love him even more if thats possible.

Their relationship is pure genius, it's pretty rare for the feamle lead to be as likeable as Cammie and have a male lead equally lovable.

One of the best stories iv'e read in ages!

You deserve more reviews, I totally recommend this story!

I'm so excited for the next update :)

Thanks for the last two chapters, brilliant!



1/22/2011 c6 13angellover254
Good chapter, update soon:)
1/21/2011 c5 3Not Who I Look Like
Cute story! Update soon!
1/21/2011 c5 24Isabelle88
I'm a sucker for a boy named Alec, I liked him alot and this always happens, I root for the wrong guy. I know Cam and Kris are the story but I have hope for Alec.

I've really been enjoying this story, its alot of fun and the flow is great.
1/21/2011 c5 1Anna Banana Split
lol i love cam and kris's weird relay
1/21/2011 c5 AnywhereYouGo
'hmm let's see who Mr. Finger chooses today' ahahaha I can only imagine my reaction if that happened to me in real life :|
1/21/2011 c4 ellaistria
Hey there! Don't thank me for reading, thank YOU for creating an amazing story, I'm loving it :D And believe me it's a pleasure looking out for the words I don't understand because I really like the story. Anyway I loved this passage: "Lilly stopped to think for a second. The way Kris had been looking at Kyle the other day; the underwear; his incessant need to be around Cammie all the time just to bug her. For a minute, something clicked in her head, but… the idea was way too crazy to even consider." I mean, the idea can be way too crazy but I think it's so right! Wish you the best, girl :)

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