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for To Write Love on Her Arms

6/17/2015 c18 3Huckleberry-writer
HHAHAHAHAA Me embarrassed...totally thought u were a different author... sooooo ignore the parts in my review below where i said thank u for reading my story and about u leaving reviews... thought u were another person lol it actually was a great story tho not changing that part ;) I'm so embarrased sorry if I confused you.
6/17/2015 c20 Huckleberry-writer
Wow I gotta say...this is amazing. You've left reviews on my story Eight Letters of Hope, so I wanted to check out what you wrote, to find TWLOHA and it's a lot like my story :D This is so great I feel like a first grader writing my story, I can't believe you're reading mine, I want to thank you for that.. anyway, I can only hope to create the same feels in my story as this story did, VERY nice job ;) Definitely gonna check out your other work :D
7/14/2013 c17 bookworm of gallifrey
I really like this story! If you made it a little longer, i swear i would do anything to get this published! Then i would have in my library, and it would be in my favorite book area! I am seriously in love with story! Fanfiction is so much easier to write, so its awesome to make a story this awesome just from an idea in your head! Keep up the good work!
7/2/2013 c1 Guest
* As the only high school in the town, it had about an average student population of a thousand*
God that's HUGE ! And it's only average ? My school which was Middle and High school only had about 400 at best... Heh, America really is populated ! I'm from Belgium, and believe me, schools that big are rare here. And in our system, Middle and High are always in the same place.
5/23/2013 c20 Meister Anonymous
I loved that book. You did a great job. It was so sweet:)
3/10/2013 c20 GrimIsaac
there are plot gaps but they are few and far in between, great book man... gal... it... whatever you are. love the story and keep writing, i'll enjoy the next story.
7/23/2012 c2 9Arella White
I wonder what is wrong with Casen? I guess I'll find out soon...this is so good and i wish i could write like you.
7/16/2012 c20 Keke
This is such an original and awesome story! I haven't read anything like this for a long long time! I love your epilogue and how sweet it is. I also love your whole entire plot line, everything was just perfect! Thank you for the great story and I hope you keep the great work up!

7/6/2012 c20 Guest
i loved this so much you have such great talent. i commend you
7/2/2012 c20 Guest
Gah, I loved this. Great, GREAT job :)
7/1/2012 c2 Guest
I know an Ethan Miller...
7/2/2012 c20 7JaseCD
Aww this story is so sweet and I adore the ending! Good job!
7/2/2012 c20 MEG0205
Amazing! This is the first story I read on this website and I absolutely loved it! I couldn't stop reading!
Megan :)
7/1/2012 c20 4colbyjackchz
I LOVED this story. The characters seemed to real, and you're an amazing writer. Poor Casen :( but I'm glad Ethan came to her rescue
7/1/2012 c20 JJsMommy29
i think you did an amazing job on this story i loved it
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