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for Dancing in the Dark Rough Fisrt Copy

2/8/2011 c12 2HesMines
Look who finally got an accout!


Tut tut tut David!

Can't wait to see what David actually did! xx
2/8/2011 c11 sarah
wo its good katie :P
2/7/2011 c11 Mary Poppins 3
Still confused cos you've put three chapters up!

"I remember the night Jo call a phone call to go pick him up" ...shoulda been Jo got a call...how'd I muck that one up! haha

And don't put yourself down, about 65%/70% of this was you I just expanded it :)

Yip, we really do have our back and forths :) You check my fanfics and BKS (which I should really think about posting!) and I help with this - no problem :)
2/7/2011 c10 Miss Slightly Stressed Out
erm...why is the first paragraph in italics?

Its nice seeing inside Jo's head :D Lol-d at the Disney songs...some of them /are/ rather irritating :/ xx

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears

Its a world of hopes, its a world of fear

Theres so much that we share

That its time we're aware

Its a small world after all

2/7/2011 c9 Meeeee
Wanna know something? I totally forgot about this till I read it!

I'm pretty sure I spelt epiphany wrong!
1/22/2011 c8 NikNakPaddyWackGiveTheDogABone
...this old man came rolling home!

Now how do I review this bit without sounding self centred? Hm (i) I love my cliffhanger :) And I love your plan for the girls and the CD player and all that and I'm sure I'll cry when you show me the bit we were talking about the other night and couldn't find a right song for!

Think we need to fix the spacing and grammer too (but thats just cos im pedantic!)

Tell Sammy I'm sorry for clogging up the inbox! haha xx
1/22/2011 c7 Forbidden Rose aka HesMines
Ahh its nice to get inside David's head - normally we'd need a map, SatNav and tour guide!

Call me pedanitc, but you missed the e in either...and you had it in the email...which confuses me.

Train Diver Trio still makes me smile! :D xx
1/22/2011 c6 TenRoseIsMyNewObsession
I know I already told you a while ago, but i thought I'd put it here! Guess who got sidetracked by YouTube?

Already said I thought you were gonna expand this wee bit...still like Becky's wee convo with the Doctor :) xx
1/22/2011 c5 Hidden Fantasy aka HesMines
Hm running out of ideas and now looking at my perfume shelf to give me inspiration...

Tut Tut Tut Becky lying to the doctors! teehee

David - you are oblivious sweetheart!

Im kinda suckish at the reviewing bit now ae? I've already told you what I think - so now I'm just giving a running commentary :P

Jo should be glad that her blind date wasnt with a midget who did a Superman down a bowling alley *winces at memory* haha xx
1/22/2011 c4 Catwoman aka HesMines
Dun Dun Dun


see *this* is why you dont spin around in cicles at the top of a flight of stairs in killer red heels - no matter how sexy they are! xx
1/22/2011 c3 Your Partner In Crime
Teehee I *STILL* love that line! Can totally see David bursting through the front door like :) oh wait never mind next chapter! xx
1/22/2011 c2 Mrs David aka HesMines
...yes I am going to come up with random signatures! :D

hmm maybe this coulda went at the end of the first chapter? oh wells, its here now and like you said temoprary.

:O that means all this will disappear when you change everything about! *shocked face* xx
1/22/2011 c1 Malteser aka HesMines
If I said my heart was beating loud/If we could escape the crowd somehow/If I said I want your body now/Would you hold it against me(8)

Okay...emails are replied to and my reviewer hat is on :)

everything i've said before plus ':D'

"He's just my best friend...theres nothing there...right?" ah famous last words! :D xx

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