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7/18/2011 c1 21unwedded.bells
I do this a lot too. Sometimes, I just need a breath-taking, heart-breaking, electrified scene without the drama of crafting an entire story. And this was very good I have to say. :D I was a little confused at first about who was who, but I figured it out. lol Anyway, great work!
6/29/2011 c1 23Arastel
You did really well portraying the raw emotion in this scene. I could feel the hysterics. A really nice read.
3/27/2011 c1 EvilEmoElmoKillsSanta
This is good, and I mean insanly good. I love it.
1/23/2011 c1 1swamp13
woahh that was freakin intense, i love itt!
1/23/2011 c1 13samhus
Omg you created the intense scene so wonderfully. It was very good. Um...well i ddnt get it was a boy until the end..but thats just I'm stupid. But yea it was really good...keep posting.

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