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for I made it for you

2/21/2011 c1 70PoetryQueen
I liked this. You did a good job with imagery. I could picture everything in my head. It helped the purpose of the poem.

The flow of this poem is a little off though. It jumps around a bit. You go from talking about a sunrise to a necklace. I would transition this more smoothly.

The form of this poem is different. I don't usually like poems that are made from sentences, but I did not even notice you used a sentence structure until the second time I read it. I like how it reads like a stanza instead of a paragraph.

I am not sure of the Subject of this piece. I understand the purpose, a couple reuniting, but I am not sure as to the subject. Where are they? I feel the necklace takes away from the romantic aspect of this. Or is this about the necklace? I am not sure...

Overall you did a very good job. I really enjoyed this piece a lot. Good job and keep writing!

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