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3/6/2011 c24 2Soonafter100
No It can't be like that he has to live, with that I move to the next story, the sequel!...he better live!
3/6/2011 c24 LivinLyfe2TheFullest
NO! DESMOND :'( :'( :'( :'(

and aww the story's over :(

im gonna go and read ur sequel now :)

ur amazing
3/5/2011 c24 RonieLove
this was such an amazing storyy. i loved everything. i love to write myself but its not nearly as good as yurs. i cant wait forr the sequel to come out. i cant wait to discover wht happens within this one yearr.

so as a fan, this was great. Any advice for me as a writer? Anyways, continue the greaat workk!
3/5/2011 c24 fatimm
Wow, such a sad ending. Looking forward to the sequel xoxo
3/5/2011 c24 7E.Nelson
Tragic ): *tear*

Absolutely amazing story, and I'm so glad that you're writing a sequel to it!
3/5/2011 c24 1Myst C
NO! he better not die! he better survive omygosh i cant believ i voted for a trgic ending well either way your an amazing write I still hope you change things around in the sequel and he survives because its desmond and he needs to survive!...that was so sad I actually cried...wow...just amazing story i cant believe its over i cant wait for the sequel. keep writing! cause your amazing at it!
3/5/2011 c24 3Wordsmith49

How could you do this to me?


But I knew Casey would do that. Jerk.

3/5/2011 c24 lovebug101
OMG! *SOB SOB* Desmond just can't die its like an unwritten law

! Also Thank-You for puting me at the end of the story it makes me feel good!
3/5/2011 c24 broken-pixie
NO! Poor Desmond! Only a year to live? How awful. It must be a pretty scary thought. Can't wait for the sequel! ^_^
3/4/2011 c24 jeanannette
I cried. what a sad ending. i hope that you will both give them hope in your next sequel. and pls. dont let desmond die. let them give a second chance of happiness.
3/4/2011 c24 Halleeee
Let me start with saying, it's hard to make me cry.

Let me end with saying, you made it happen.

thank you :)
3/4/2011 c24 CONVERSEically Obsessed
Oh my GOD! That was... HORRIBLE! (awesome from a writer's view point) Ugh. Well that sucks. Cant wait for the sequel.
3/4/2011 c24 Reve4ever
aw, sad ending, and really I thought it was a great and dramatic story, I loved reading it, and I wasn't expecting an ending like that, and it makes me wonder what would happen next? Thank you very much for spending you time on such a beautiful story.
3/4/2011 c24 Aamna
:'( GORGEOUS GUY SAY WHAT? Only one year! This was SO sad... but I hope him and Michelle get through, and spend their time wisely.

Um... Everything you mentioned in your authors note is fine, except that sometimes spelling isn't correct... but i guess thats just spell check.

I don't even think that love is a strong enough word for how much i LOVED your story. I will always be PRODESMOND! Update soon :)
3/4/2011 c24 1Hoor-al-Ayn
Oh please don't make him die! The story is great except the ending. PLEASE!

I can't wait for the sequel. Good luck!

xo, MarilynSwan
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