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1/28/2011 c1 2livelaughlove88888888
This is really good! :)
1/28/2011 c2 1BoundaryBreaker
Do you know how creeped out family can be when you just start smiling randomly while reading? I do now. Good job! Update soon, because this story seems really interesting, although, I don't remember if I replied before, so I can't really say 'like I said before'. Whatever. GREAT JOB!
1/24/2011 c1 2Soonafter100
I was laughing so hard at this...lol...post soon! (I REALLY like this!)
1/23/2011 c1 3I'mTheSummerToYourWinter
I like this :) I want to know what desmond does, good start :)
1/23/2011 c1 SelenaMarise
You Should Continue this :)
1/23/2011 c1 1ThoughtsByMe
I think this story has a lot of potential. I would definatly read it.
1/23/2011 c1 MITCHIESHANELUVR124
wow! i like this! please continue!
1/23/2011 c1 7Pan's Grandaughter
I like it, this is good:) Alittle cliche-ish, But i like it and will read it if you Choose to continue!
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