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for The 'Gift' of Magic

8/10/2011 c9 31HeroofEnelios
Rek's not having an easy time with this magic thing and Darius doesn't seem to want to make it any easier for him but the best way for him to learn is the hard way. Oh well. Darius, still my favorite character.
8/10/2011 c8 HeroofEnelios
Well it seems like Rek is finally getting to learn more about how to use magic, I have a feeling he is gonna need it soon. Hm...

Great chapter.
8/10/2011 c7 HeroofEnelios
I like Atia's method of waking Rek up. Nice, because at that point wouldn't it be the only way to wake him up? Hurray for another great chapter.
8/10/2011 c6 HeroofEnelios
Darius is a crafty guy, being able to get out of several situations like that. Ha ha towards the end there though his reaction to suddenly being hired to work for that lady was priceless.
8/10/2011 c5 HeroofEnelios
I now see it. Darius is my favorite character up to this point. Very unique and clever character, and this chapter was very good and well written. Well done.
8/10/2011 c4 HeroofEnelios
Ahh Darius is a great character, starting to see why you like him the most. That ending was awesome and made me laugh. Nice work here!
8/10/2011 c3 HeroofEnelios
I kinda like Darius too. I just look forward to the next few chapters to see why you like him so much. Great chapter, third one in and enjoying it.
8/10/2011 c2 HeroofEnelios
Really interesting chapter, very nice job. I like how you entered with Rek awakening, not completely and feeling some pain, and then introducing this Frage character. I enjoyed this chapter, well done.
8/10/2011 c1 HeroofEnelios
Definitely caught my attention with the short summary, and when I started reading this I got a feeling that this is a very promising story. Got a very interesting start that kept me reading and good description to go with that.

I really liked how you described some of the characters actions, like "Rek whipped left". Great job.

I'll keep reading, this is a great story.
8/8/2011 c3 6Telephonic
Darius is definitely a great character. I really like his line "I'm not crazy, I've been crazy, and I know the difference..." It adds a lot of interest and mystery to him.
8/7/2011 c1 15Howevolution
So I am brand new to this site. As in, just signed in and yours is the first chapter I've read of anything on here. I must say I am quite impressed. This chapter reveals obvious talent. I am already feeling myself preparing to root for Rek. I will definitely look at the other chapters! Keep it up!
8/7/2011 c24 WereMagi
welcome Back from where ever you were hiding!

All in all, a good chapter, thou I don't get some things. then again, I am very sleep deprived so lets pin it on that.

Wow... Only that many to go? Damn.

While you were away, I had motivation to begin writing another project which has been in my head for ages. Hope you enjoy it!
7/25/2011 c2 6Telephonic
There are two things that I like most about this. The first thing is something that I appreciate in all of these chapters, you're so great at building up suspense and action! The second- specifically to this chapter- is the character of Frage. You describe him wonderfully and he really gives me the creeps.

I appreciate the presence of a plot as well. Frage's explanation for why he's doing what he's doing is enough to give me an idea of what he wants but also held back enough to make me want to know more. In other words... this is engaging. Your story is a lot of fun to read.
7/19/2011 c23 2Let.The.Stars.Shine
I really liked this chapter a lot! Hurry up and update! Nah, I'm joking. But please try and update ASAP. :)
7/13/2011 c22 28WereMagi
Darius cheats and uses magic too much! He would suffer if magic was nulled in an area. *hint hint*
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