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for Trash

1/29/2012 c1 60AppleCrumble
This is really interesting, its like reading someone's thought pattern. I loved the line 'Trash to me treasure to someone else'
11/30/2011 c1 1J112011
Interesting bit because it reads like you are jumping from thought to thought and one thing makes you think of something else like when "I've thrown you away" makes you think of "someone's trash is someone else's treasure"
1/27/2011 c1 34the sun softly smiles
The tone of the whole thing is kinda jejune, but I like it overall. Especially the lines "It's disgusting but why can't I get these silly lovesick songs out of my head?" & "Trash me to treasure someone else" - they really sum up most people's experience with love.

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