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11/6/2016 c5 ryoish
I really like it! Please update! :)
4/2/2016 c5 Guest
Is this abandoned?
12/19/2014 c5 Guest
I sure hope this story is not adandon! I check often for updates and hope to find one! You have very interesting story and I hope we get to read more!
10/29/2014 c5 emerelle
This story is really good, the characters are very well written. I would love to see more of Ryker and his addiction to Malachi. Hope you'll update soon!
10/28/2014 c3 guest
This story looks very interesting. I really hope you continue with this story. I would love to read more of Malachi an Ryker:)
7/25/2014 c5 3morningstorm70
OK need another. Chapter
1/7/2014 c5 11Necromancer15
I love this story so much, I really hope you decide to update soon!
12/10/2013 c5 Talysse
Are you sure it's not a happy relation, hard yes, but not so terrible, between their?
And mother of Malachi? Wwhere is she?
11/15/2013 c5 Guest
Aha.. I love these kind of story .. I hope there will be some kind of stockholm syndrome bond ;-;
Its beautifully written. I can't wait for the next update
11/6/2013 c5 1firefox vixen
I REALLY want to read more!
10/8/2013 c5 thecowonthebox
I feel really sorry for poor Malachi ! T.T
I hope your going to write more soon... Thank you !
Love all your stories.
10/5/2013 c5 Starryeyed
I have no idea why I'm reading this... It's good concept but I know full well that I'm just going to be disappointed ahah.. Cos these men are horrible and Are not going to be nice to the boys like ever .. Never be normal and yea the fact defeat is too easy arrghh it annoying cos I love/hate the story cos the idea is good but it's not going to end up being happy etc hmm :(
6/11/2013 c4 bonky jo
This was...intense?! I guess that's how i would describe it... First of all, the warden is an extreme douche bag and I don't think I can find any redeeming qualities in him. Why on earth does he treat his son like crap. And to Tibi, he screwed him right? (I'm not misinterpreting something am I?). He's just an all around douche.

On another note how Ryker treats Malachi is different... At first I thought Ryker was completely heartless, but maybe he just lacks self control? I mean it doesn't excuse what he did to Malachi, but at least I sort of understand him. The short POV switches you have are really helpful in giving a glimpse into his head. And it was so cute that he cooked for Malachi.

Anyways now I'm just curious of what will happen with Tibi x Adrik?! Like sheesh he came alone to rescue Malachi and then gets captured himself smh. At least it's a given that Tibi and Malachi are bound to cross paths soon... I'm ager for your next update! Can't wait :-p
2/26/2013 c4 17Encore19
This story was a lot smaller than the others, but maybe you intend to update it with more soon?
2/26/2013 c2 Encore19
I really am enjoying this so far. Yes it is dark, but I like that element.
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