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for Ever Dream

7/29/2012 c12 happycow
This story is AMAZING. I look forward to the next chapter.
7/26/2012 c12 WhatWasLostIsNowFound
Gahhh the cliffhanger is killing me update please.
7/3/2012 c11 lucky97
I love this story! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to review earlier, I've been a bit busy. But overall, I really like how this is progressing, keep up the good work!
5/14/2012 c1 1authorLH
Wow, great story! :D
5/14/2012 c11 tamzingrace
Liking the story so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/12/2012 c11 Amanda
4/16/2012 c10 MissPunkRawk
11/6/2011 c8 1Gentle
It's still as amazing as ever Ren. I still love your pirates, and your writng style, which I must say seems to be improving in fluency and varation of sentance structure and things of that manor. I enjoyed the double update and still want more so update again soon, please.
11/6/2011 c8 Die In A Hole With Penguins
I'm so glad you updated! I only started reading this yesterday and was really sad when there wasn't anymore chapters and I woke up to two more chapters today! That was awesome, I just can't get enough of this story!
11/6/2011 c6 GrimreaperSR
I'm starting to like this story!
8/15/2011 c6 4
You actually managed to get me to read a non-modern piece, and actually enjoy it. It's a pretty big deal. This is awesome. Please to be keeping going.
8/10/2011 c6 Gentle
YAY! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw the update, your work is still as good as it was two chapters ago, so I can't say much except, udpate again! I want to know what happens next!
6/17/2011 c2 2Mmm Donut Seeds
Page breaks. They would make this story so much easier to follow, and that would truly be lovely because I really like it so far.
6/5/2011 c1 25Birdhouse in Your Soul
I am liking this so far. And Ivrix, huzzah! I HEART REDHEADS.


Your characterization is very nicely done. Calyne is just a touch too timid and reserved for my tastes, but that is my only qualm. I like these guys. I can't wait for more.
6/5/2011 c4 1Gentle
Holy, epic chapter titles. The story so far is amazing, the flow is nice and smooth, the writing is of a good quality, and the plot twist of chapter 4... well, let's just say I dropped my computer thinking 'Oh My God'. Keep writing and I'll be back for more.
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