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5/6/2011 c3 1Springerlight

I really like this story!

Calyne is adorable in my mind *which is probably weird only 3 chapters in, huh?*

Everyone already seems so unique and while I probably won't remember all their names instantly, I think this is really interesting so far ^^
4/21/2011 c1 ArcticFarm
Randomness be praised. I just made an account and decided to look at some recently updated works. Wait... this was chapter 1... crap, I haven't even read the part that was recently updated... Huh... Uh.. ah yes, what I was going to say was that your writing style isn't blatantly over-descriptive, and your blurb at the end of the chapter was pretty funny. There really is a good balance of description and actions. It is also increasingly late and I just finished beating Portal 2 a couple hours ago, so maybe that affected the quality of the experience, lol, but, keep writing. The internet has spoken! :D
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