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6/26/2011 c2 9Spontaneous Juju
Awesome chapter. :D It's been a while since the last update, so I had to reread the first two to sort of regain my bearings (that's the term, right?) but I must say, this was fantastic. :D The humor is great, and I LOVE all of your characters... they're not all just clones of each other, but they all have the generally similar qualities that make them likable and separates them from the Anyas of the world (namely, a sense of humor, a measure of intelligence, and at least a few strong morals). I can already tell these various stories/groups of people are going to come together in some sort of magnificent, hilarious romantic explosion of wonder. Definitely. :) I can't WAIT for the next update! :D

-Spontaneous Juju
4/23/2011 c1 Guest
Wow I really like it so far! It's well written, and I like the flashing back and forth between different sets of characters. Continue, please! :)
4/22/2011 c2 Carlotta Lynn
I really like this so far, can't wait for more!
3/6/2011 c1 7squillink93
okay.. so i was looking for this story the whole morning, i read it ages ago, but for the life of me couldn't remember what it was called.

Having found it, i think it's really good, and i hope you continue it soon, also! i love A Latte Amor, and i look forward to the next chapter :)

Best Wishes

squillink x
2/1/2011 c1 1GeorgyannWayson
Hello there,

Wow, this was really well-written, I have to say that first! You certainly have a gift with words and humor! Remy is a very cut and dry college student, which is what makes her character seem unique. With Nathan as her counterpart...this is gonna be interesting!

Keep on writing!

2/1/2011 c1 33FLIPPER66
2/1/2011 c1 9Spontaneous Juju
I like this so far. :) It's nice to see that your two main characters (I'm assuming Remy and Nathan are your two main characters, anyway) have morals, etc. It just makes it so much more fun to watch them go through the whole thing I think is coming... this is a Humor/Romance story, right? Anyway, I really liked the back-and-forth dialogue, and I'm interested to figure out exactly what Remy is studying... criminology sounds like it could have interesting possibilities. :) Please update soon, you're doing a great job so far!

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