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for Revenge of the Marshmallow King

3/29/2011 c5 Chocomint3
Totally awesome.

=) Update soon! Note: 'Next sunday' from when you published chapter 5 was the 20th, right? Why haven't you updated yet =(
3/16/2011 c5 azmaznness

i couldnt stop laughing!

cant wait until next week.
3/15/2011 c5 6DemonRider404
Wow! That was so funny that it woke me up without my usual coffee! THANK YOU for the warnings about Mammoth Springs. I've never been to Yellowstone myself, so if I ever go there myself, I need to know what to avoid. I don't have a very strong stomach myself...

I was laughing so hard I hope I still have enough air for Track practice later today, lol!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Lots of hugs!

DemonRider =D
3/7/2011 c4 DemonRider404
OMG I WAS LITERALLY ROLLING ON THE GROUND LAUGHING! I was on the phone with my friend and still laughing, and she was like, "Uhh...Caitlin, have you been sniffing Sharpies again?"

Lol, I
2/22/2011 c3 123A Fire Rose
You strike me as a person xD
2/21/2011 c3 6DemonRider404
I LOL'd so hard at this one! I think my favorite was the Justin Bieber joke! Totally LOL!

Plz write more; this story will never get corny! =)

-DemonRider! ;-D
2/8/2011 c2 DemonRider404
Love it! Thanks SO much for posting this, ZeeZee! =D

Poor Kaylee, I can SO relate to her. I think every one of those things except the 'something green in her braces' thing has happened to me. I think Fluffiness is cool, too! Love the name, lol!

Can't wait till you post the next chapter!

Much love,

2/2/2011 c1 DemonRider404
OMG my friend and I were reading this and busted up laughing! You know, as in side-splitting, 'oh-my-God-I'm-gonna-suffocate' laughing! I want the Marshmallow King to ruin more lives! =D

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