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6/3 c21 Asmi
Wow, can't believe you updated after all these years. I was so invested in this story. Great last chapter, can't wait for the rest!
2/16 c21 Guest
I've been wanting you to hug for years now, lol, so I win, Xavier. Pls update!
2/10 c21 Guest
Wow, I just came back to re-read this story after so many years and I saw that you updated last year! Really didn't expect this, hope you're doing well and maybe you'd consider writing some more :) As you can see, I'm really invested in their story, haha.
11/28/2022 c21 1somersaultkick
Wow I was so young when I first read this. xD I'm still young, still in my twenties. I must say I am now a little lost and reading ch 20 didn't even help me recall anything hahahaha
I might probably need to read it back to ch 1 but I am so glad you are back!
9/5/2022 c21 tkhan04
WOW! An update! I can't tell you how much of thought of this story over the years. Artemis, Xavier, and your words really left an imprint on me and I am so happy to see you've returned! Hoping for another update perhaps sooner than 7 years haha!
7/25/2022 c21 emelydash
i had to blink several times when i saw that you updated. this is truly one of my favorite stories and i’ve held on to hope that you would come back. loved this chapter! i think i’ll go back to get reacquainted with these characters. thank you for sharing this with us and i can’t (but will!) wait for the next one!
5/6/2022 c21 rahbeam
It gives me immeasurable joy to read your work! Thank you so much for updating
4/30/2022 c21 JAE
I didn't know you updated and it has been 2 months since the update! I was so surprised and so excited for the new chapter! Thanks for still coming back to let us know how you are doing. I hope you are well and everything in your life is going great for you!

I am loving the story and would sometimes come back and reread the chapters when I miss the characters! I will still always be waiting here! :)

4/25/2022 c21 Anon
Hooray for the update! Look forward to seeing their relationship develop
4/12/2022 c21 Formally Objective
Will you update Brown Eyes again?
3/18/2022 c21 7AMessofPickles
Ahh I meant to review this as soon as I got the notification on this chapter but life caught up with me and I'm leaving a review now. Anyway, I *loved* this chapter as much as I love all the other chapters of this story. I actually re-read this entire story during the holidays this year because it randomly popped up in my mind (the same way that I'll sometimes go back to re-read Brown Eyes. Literally the last time I re-read Brown Eyes was during 2020 at the height of quarantine). But I love, love, love the way you write Xavier and Artemis's interactions. I love the constant push and pull between them between vulnerability and hesitancy. Like who knew a HUG could be so meaningful, haha. The slow burn has been lowkey excruciating but it's my favorite kind of build-up between two characters and kudos to you for writing each scene between them SO well. It's really been such a pleasure to read.
In terms of the other parts of this story, I'm half-expecting some kind of impending showdown between Maya and Artemis and I am looking forward to Artemis ripping her t s. I'm also in love with Mariel's character and hope she continues to show up? And even though I fully ship Xavier & Artemis, there's a little part of me that looks forward to Sven's involvement with Artemis torturing Xavier a bit more. (Xavier deserves it a bit, no?) I'm also really curious to see how things play out between Artemis/her father/Emily (and, of course, Artemis's mother). What will happen to Noah? What will happen to Emily and Artemis's father's relationship? Will Artemis's parents get back together or? Looking forward to seeing everything play out!
Also had to include my favorite line in this chapter: "It was a smile that crinkled the corners of her eyes and brightened her eyes, making Xavier feel like he missed the last step going down the stairs. The waiter caught his eyes and smirked knowingly, only causing Xavier's flush to deepen."
Ahhh I'm grinning all over again. It's moments/lines like that that really bring two characters to life. And I LIVE for little moments like this.
Anyway thank you for blessing us with another chapter! I hope you update soon but I very much relate to what you said in your author's note: It's been very difficult to get back into a creative headspace for me as well so best of luck to you with all you writing (or other creative) endeavors! :)
3/3/2022 c21 Toffeema
Love reading your stories. So glad you are back! Looking forward for more from you soon!
2/28/2022 c21 hehehehah
I was real surprised to see this update! Thanks a bunch. :) I might need to reread this again.
2/28/2022 c21 Nellie
so happy you're back!
2/23/2022 c21 Guest
Saw my inbox and couldn’t believe it! Thank you for updating! I really enjoyed this story so I can’t wait for more!
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