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2/17/2006 c15 anono mous
Why must this always happen with good stories? They write up to a decent amount that has outstanding grammer, flow, comprehension, etc, and then they leave us for years on end, never to come back. Please, I beg of you, if you ever do something kind in your life, let it be this! Come back. And WRITE. Please finish the story. It's cruel, heartless, and shameful to just leave off where you did. And I make a promise. From now on, till you update or show some sign of life, I will review weekly. Until you have so many reviews it's unhealthy, if that's possible. I plan to be vigilant in this tactic, good writer, so hurry it up!
12/5/2004 c14 1The baava Project
Good evening, Strider! ^_^

I love your style. This whole story is so very elegant . . . it just sweeps me away every time I come here to read.

[There stood Milovan, his indigo cloak floating about him and grinning as always.] ~ LOL! I can't believe it! It sounds like his cloak is grinning! ^_~

An excellent, excellent chapter. With the return of Milovan, Kagi now has an external conflict, one that is ever-present, and one that I as a reader can fall into. With the return of Aurelia, the mysteries are brought back stronger than before!

Hope you're doing well,LoK
7/29/2004 c13 The baava Project
Hello, hello! *listens to the empty echoes* ^_^;;
I only have one small thing to say about this chapter: HOW MUCH MORE CAN YOU POSSIBLY PUT THIS MAN THROUGH?
^_^ It was good! Tense and action-packed, with some fantastic insight into where Kagi's old life . . . people . . . went . . .
omg, that made no sense. At any rate, I WILL finish this. ^_^
ja ne,
5/27/2004 c12 The baava Project
Greetings, Strider. ^_^
I loved the ending of this chapter! Pretty weak review there, I know, but I have read this several times while trying to think of some way I can leave a constructive comment. The only thing that came to mind was a nitpick! LOL "passerSby"
Anyway, I had wondered if you would take the story in this direction, though I was surprised at how Izumi changed. So, good writing there. ^_^
Hope you're well! As always! And off I go to the next chapter . . .
2/12/2004 c11 The baava Project
Hey Strider. ^_^ I hope that, wherever you are and whatever you've been up to, you're doing well! I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses seeing you around.
Anyway! I positively have fallen in love with Izumi's character myself. This chapter was really heartbreaking - disgusting too. Yech, that poor kid. For some reason I could see that scene with all of them, and the one dying in the middle, better than anything in this story yet (except perhaps for a vampire running screaming from ghosts, that STILL cracks me up). Nice work!
matta ne . . . maybe . . .
1/20/2004 c10 The baava Project
It's me again, taking a break from work. ^_^
I loved the direction this chapter took us. My favorite line was "- no belief was completely discarded." Such open-mindedness while still keeping focus is rare in a person, but it was absolutely lovely how you portrayed Eichi-jii that way. Then, of course, there was the scene between Kagi-san and that woman he found, and how he wanted to save her so strongly. Wonderful! ^_^
1/12/2004 c9 The baava Project
"Now I was seeing ghosts."
Oh dear. *laughing so hard it hurts* That actually WAS pretty funny. I felt so bad for him! Would have scared me witless . . . but it's still funny.
I love the introduction of Eichi-san. Talk about enigmatic! And it's a wonderful way to learn of things that Kagi-san doesn't know. I was sad that Izumi-san pulled away like she did though . . . *sniff*.
Excellent, excellent!
12/22/2003 c8 The baava Project
Strider, I have to say, you have awesome powers of storytelling. I love how well you pull me in to each of your stories - and though all have a common theme in sadness and mystery (I guess that's two themes) they're all so different it's just mind-boggling.
Though you didn't introduce her in this chapter, Izumi-san was really characterized here; and at the same time you put her in this situation and have me frightened that she really is about to die and Kagi-san won't know why she did that and . . . AH!
^_^ Beautifully written story. bye for now!
12/8/2003 c7 The baava Project
What a powerful chapter this was. I am glad to know of Aurelia's origins, and it was fun seeing how quicksilver Milovan is. Perfect, stereotypical vampire, that one. The banquet was disgusting, by the way. ^_^
12/2/2003 c6 The baava Project
Oh good. I'm glad that he's at least returned to a semblance of being a man. I was seriously disturbed at the chapter before . . . *shiver* And shocker! Milovan is taking him in? We don't know anything about him other than that brief glimpse from Aurelia's viewpoint, but you did a pretty good job of setting up prejudice against him. hehe. This should prove most interesting.
11/24/2003 c5 The baava Project
That was an interesting perspective. Usually, stories about vampires are about how humans see them, even when it's told from the vampire's point of view - but it isn't often that we get to see how the vampire sees how humans see it . . . . Did that make sense? heh.

I think it's pretty obvious that we're building up to Kagi-san going to see Mariko-sama, and I have the most wonderfully rotten feeling that that's not a good idea.


11/18/2003 c4 The baava Project
ARGH. That's how she leaves him? ARGH! That's too sad.

I don't think I liked that. lol

Short chapter, short review. heh. Sorry about that . . . but it was interesting to get a glimpse of Mariko-chan as she was - will we see her as she is?

ja ne,

11/12/2003 c3 The baava Project
omg, this is going to be a tear-jerker of a story, isn't it? Sad beauty - you're a master at it.

Nice way to incorporate your Hunters, as shinobi. Somehow, I was actually expecting that . . . but not how badly Kagi-san fared against them. It was a good, tense scene . . .

And you leave off the chapter with a LOT of doubt. Heh. Does he go to Kyoto despite what she says?

ja ne!

11/11/2003 c2 The baava Project
La de da, I'm back! ^_^

Now I'm curious. Why would a vampire with sorcery be hated among other vampires? That's just weird. I imagine it will be answered in due time, though.

Also, the differences in the reactions of both Aurelia and Kagi-san are very interesting. He was jealous first that his maker has a lover, then that his own has a husband. I was wondering what he still thought of Mariko-san . . .

This was kind of a painful chapter, but still very good. ^_^


11/6/2003 c1 The baava Project
Whoa. I can't believe how easily you slip in and out of different cultures. Maybe you don't, I don't know, but this one particularly struck me because of the Japanese aspect. (yeah, I'm a freak, don't mention it) I don't think I've ever read a of an Oriental vampire - but that's not saying much either. lol

Beautifully written, as always. I like how simple, utterly basic the ronin is, even after he changes. So single-minded and loyal, just as a samurai should be. It was creepy. In the very beginning of the chapter he mentions that he is alone, so I can only wonder why and how Aurelia ends up deserting him (maybe he leaves her, but I somehow doubt it).

Just beautiful. ^_^ bbl.

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