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for Denial ain't just a river in Egypt

5/21/2013 c7 Syta
If all PWPs were like this, we would have been living in utopia. :)
5/4/2013 c7 Kixi
Here da post-completion review be! Queso I really liked the plot, and the little details, but I feel like there wasn't enough emphasis on the training for control of their powers part. It would also be kinda nice if you have a lickle side story for Colton and Justin, Jack, John, Jay, Jordan, or whatever his name is ;P
PS. I lurve da title; didja think of it yourself?
8/13/2011 c7 Anon
So much story, so many beginnings... I could read 100 chapters of this, families, pasts, the missing 8 years... the last 2... god I loved the world you made but there was one inconstancy... wasn't tad a humming bird? he's now a plant controller person XD
7/30/2011 c7 Random
Wow I want a full series on this school, those characters, everything! I want to see a hero and villain battle and more class room and Lukes family... Tads family... I'm addicted to the story!
7/21/2011 c7 1Rosie Jade Rider
I loved it, it's the best romance I have read in forever!:)and your one of the people on this website that can write romance and not make it go to fast, you drug it out until the last chapter and made it realy believable. I give you Kudos!;)
3/2/2011 c7 JakeW
i loved this Story! and just to add a new from the minute tad came into the scene that they'd get together ;). It was awesome how you set it out and everything, very good work :)

I reckon it would have been cool if Tad was told by Tilly, then tad ran to Luke room and the room was in and almost disintegrated state (if you know what i mean, like everything was slightly desintigrating slowly) then Tad kisses him when Lukes in his dazed state and yer. Good work and i hope you write another story soon. :)

2/23/2011 c7 elemonie818
Aww I loved it! Sad it is over now :( But it was good!

P.S. Sorry you had to go into work. That is sucky.

P.P.S. Now I think you should work on your other one!
2/22/2011 c7 xAcross the Rainbowx
Aw.:D So cute..! I love this story.:3
2/22/2011 c7 OrangeiPodxD
Yay for Tad and Luke! Loved the story and the end and every word, it was amazing :]
2/22/2011 c7 Nariki
This chapter was so cute!.xD. Im kinda sad that this is the last chappie, but oh well. All good thing must come to an end...but that doesnt mean i have to like it... This was a great pick me up after a hard day, and i hope you have more plot bunnies soon.xD.
2/21/2011 c6 Nariki
Aw, this is cute.xD. Sure, i myself adore the dying explanation, but being in love can be just as bad. The whole "being in love with your best friend" concept is extremely romantic, and im pretty surethey can pull it off better than others.xP. Anywhore, please update soon?
2/20/2011 c6 KorynMarie
Love this story. Kinda sad to see it end.

Maybe if yu could do oneshots of Luke and tad together when you're done if inspiration hits? That would be super awesome. :)
2/20/2011 c6 OrangeiPodxD
Aw! Luke's so confused it's adorable! People really need to review this because it's awesome and you deserve more praise :D

Hm, can't wait to see how this ends :]
2/20/2011 c6 xAcross the Rainbowx
Aw.:) I love this story. Its just so cute; I hope there's enough reviews.~
2/20/2011 c6 elemonie818
Aww I like that chapter! But are you SIRIUS? Only one more chapter? Sad face!
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