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for I Want to Feel Safe

10/28/2011 c1 Zaffre Magpie
I loved this. It is simple, nice, and I can relate to it.
7/18/2011 c1 21unwedded.bells
This is great! I love the power of the simplicity. It's very nice. So honest too, and I like that. Good job :)
7/16/2011 c1 70Reel Wander
Wanting to be safe,

yes, we feel safe, when we are with the one we love, and love us the most

who loves us, for our successes and despite our failures,

who comforts us, even if the world turned its head against us
3/26/2011 c1 EvilEmoElmoKillsSanta
This ne is awesomely good. I really like it.
2/15/2011 c1 15Ice Bubble
*sob* This *sob* is so *sob* swet!
2/12/2011 c1 13samhus
This is really good. I can actally relate to this...but hopefully you'll feel safe.
2/12/2011 c1 6sasfl
Very good poem! I totally see where you are coming from, wanting to be safe but nothings there to comfort you, i can really relate to this poem. Your words seem to flow right on to the next and it is written beautifully,

2/10/2011 c1 1swamp13
lovee itt ((:
2/9/2011 c1 3CC-P
This is really good! Keep up the good work.

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