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1/22/2018 c6 Mia
Ugh i loved this one, too
6/5/2013 c6 5lukas10
Hey you've got a pretty cool story going on here! I hope you continue it sometime soon. I really like it and I'm hoping to find out how this is going to end.

6/30/2011 c4 3Phat Models
Zack’s in HER kitchen eating HER food? GET HIM SAM lol.

Sam yelping the way she did when Zack touched her made me laugh out loud. I agree with Zack, she’s definitely *NOT* acting weird at all. ;)

- I wondered what phase was I going through now? The beware-Samantha's-a-loony-on-the-loose phase?

LOL Poor Sam. That kiss has got her tied up in knots and unable to tell up from down.

I wish you’d write a flashback to the night the kiss happened. I want to read about the life changing kiss of the century in full detail. *wags eyebrows* Plus jealous, possessive, and violent Zack = huge bonus.

- I knew how important I was to Zack and just how much losing me would hurt him because while I was in my nature a lone wolf and dealt with my problems on my own, Zack was like a baby giraffe, making his first steps into the real world – clumsy and yet curios to taste, see, try, and feel as much as it can, while it can.

Silly Sammy. You’re obviously in love with him and need him too, or the kiss wouldn’t be killing you the way it is (not to mention you’d never bother putting up with his Royal Prattness if you didn’t care for him).

…OMG I’m talking to Sam like she’s real. So embarrassing lol. I do know that she is just a character, but she happens to be a character that I am getting really invested in, okay? Haha.

- "So you do admit that it's not fine after all? I knew it!"

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN IS GONE, I CAN SEE ALL OBSTACLES IN MY WAY. Urm…what I meant to say was I CAN SEE THROUGH YOU ZACK. I think he *wants* it to mean something to her. Am I right? Tell me I’m right. ;)

Onwards to the next chapter =) !
6/30/2011 c3 Phat Models
YES! *fist pump* I was hoping this chapter would be longer so excuse me while I happy dance because it definitely was.

- Because whenever Zack got attached to somebody and suddenly believed the sun would cease to shine without that certain person, he could move mountains in the name of his love, but the other way around also applied.

Because whenever Zack felt threatened, or disillusioned, of felt that someone had wronged him, Zack burnt down bridges and houses and in general made people's lives a living hell until he got his vengeance.

I love what a needy, volatile, destructive mess he sounds like. You are really capturing my interest with this character. I swear, the more damaged a character is the more I like them. Zack sounds like he could benefit from some serious therapy but it’s just serving to make me looooove him haha.

- If it wasn't for me, Zack's life would've been a party that never ended, a song that never stopped playing, a melody with no lyrics, and a journey without a destination ; overall a blissful existence that, according to him, would've been devoid of any and all petty troubles, of nothing that could darken his mood.

Only blue skies as far as his eyes could go.

But, apparently, I was the anchor that kept him down to earth.

DAMN GIRL. YOU CAN WRITE. The word play in this passage is just back to forth beautiful. This is better writing than I see in some published books.

- When I woke up in the morning, he wasn't lying next by my side

Wah. I wanted morning cuddles. :(

- So yes, in a way, I sometimes feared that Zack's head had become too big for his body.

LOL. Dead at this line. Mr. Mackey from South Park totally just came to my mind.

WAIT. HOLD UP. SAM IS 23? *jaw drops* Holy crap. I almost never see stories with characters that are older than the usual High School years on FP. This is a very pleasant surprise. BRB shedding happy tears over the fact that I’m actually reading about adults. (Again my hypocrisy shows lol…I say this when all of my main characters minus one happen to be teenagers.)

Sam’s age just makes me more sympathetic to her plight. Poor thing hasn’t got any action for 23 years and Zack is punching out her possible suitors? Her temper was well deserved. Put out or let Sam get freaky wit it Zack lmao.

OMG Sam’s description of Daisy is cracking me up. There’s a little mistake here though:

- Her dog, a skittish Yorkshire terrier that ran into doors, pied on her bed?

The dog peed on her bed. Unless he truly did go up there to do some math? lol. (Poor dog. I hate math with the passion of one-thousand horny prison inmates.)

- and it was hard for me not to love the spunky brunette that was Daisy.

It’s hard for me not to love the spunky brunette that is Daisy right now. My ears might not feel the same if I knew her in real life (she sounds loud lmao) but she is seriously amusing me so far.

Great chapter!
6/30/2011 c2 Phat Models

Very cute, if short, chapter. The length is my only complaint actually. IT WAS TOO GOOD AND I WANTED MOAR. BOOOO. *throws rotten tomatoes at you*

LOL I joke, I joke. What kind of person would I be if I actually kept rotten tomatoes around my house to use for ammo? The smell alone…OK, I’m getting way off base here haha.

I love that he climbed through her window, however inappropriate it was lol. A very girly insipid part of me will always look at it in a ‘prince scaling the princesses’ castle to get to her’ kind of way. Don’t judge me lmao.

I should have made this connection in the first chapter but I am slow and it just hit me now. Being that Pratt can be used as British slang to insult someone, and Zack is supposed to be an asshole, it really is a perfect last name/pun. I thought that was a very clever little touch.

- I think I also hissed at him, but I couldn't be too sure because of the grating noise in my head.

I love the image of Sam actually hissing at him that I have in my head lol. FIERCE AND FLAWLESS. (I hiss way too often myself. Especially when my brother touches my food…)

- It just proved to remind me that there was no escaping Zack.

None whatsoever.

Sounds hot tbh ;)
6/25/2011 c1 Phat Models
First off I just have to tell you that you were CRAZY for thinking I might not like any of your stories. GIRL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST BEEN LIKE “BITCH YOU BETTER READ MY STORIES,” BECAUSE THEY ARE THAT GOOD. lol Yeah. I’ll try to stop abusing the caps lock now. :P

- He talks too much, he drinks too much, he swears too much, but he doesn't think too much. Everything about Zackary Pratt is "too much".

This story already had me ensnared simply after these two lines from your summary. Right off the bat I could tell that a) you have that writers flare and b) I was in for a treat.

- "You," I jabbed my finger into his chest, "are the reason," I gave him an additional shove, "why," here I sneered, narrowing my eyes in slits, "I don't have a fucking," I smacked his arm, although I would've rather aimed for his head instead, "boyfriend!"

And it just gets better. Hallelujah, praise the grammar Gods. You have already dodged one of my biggest pet peeves when reading fics on FP. I hate when I see periods used instead of commas during a sentence with dialogue. I don’t consider myself to be a Grammar Nazi, especially since I suck at it myself, but there are only so many sentences that look like -“Oh hi.” He said.- that I can take.

Even though a certain someone, and by a certain someone I in no way mean myself, (even though it was totally me) made that same mistake for years before it went corrected…XD

You have a great sense of humor when you write. I love the wit you put into the narrative.

Some of my favorite lines include:

- I realized a second too late how ludicrous that sounded even in my head.

- The only reason I could think off the top of my head about why we were still friends was that he was a prick and I was a sucker for masochism.

- "Who do you think you are?" I asked, poking him in the chest, but then I realized that it would look more like I was trying to find an excuse to feel him up than to actually cause him pain.

- I stared at him like he came from another planet.

Which he did, may I add.


Such witty/fun narrative really goes that extra mile in keeping me entertained.

- "Is this about that dipshit you were dancing with, then?" Zack snorted, rolling my eyes at the idea, as if it was that impossible to be considered true.

There seems to be a small typo here. Zack is rolling *his* eyes, is he not? ;)

- "Jesus fuck," he sneered suddenly, his face contorting in disgust. "Are you on your period?"

Oh Zack, you did not. BOY YOU IN DANGER lol. Of all the misogynist things men spew, this is one I really (as Sam would say, “Note the sarcasm.”) love to hear. Totally cheered for Sam when she shut him down.

All in all I like your characters and I can’t wait to read on and get to know them better.

Sam, from her POV, sounds like a girl I could get along with and could be friends with. I don’t get any crazy strong Mary-Sue vibes from her. Serious points there. I think the lady doth protest too much when it comes to that kiss though. It obviously meant something to her or she wouldn’t be so riled. ;)

Kudos for Zack as well. Bad Boys are my favorite trope. Seriously, I love me a good Bad Boy. But so many stories seem to feature Bad Boys who aren’t even…well—bad. The fact that Zack already punched a poor guy’s head in takes him out of the ~Tame & Vanilla Bad Boy category I so often see.

Excited to read chapter 2! =)
4/30/2011 c6 CrazyGirlMo
I feel so bad for Sam! It would suck seeing the guy of your dreams with someone else. But I guess it was the same way with Melissa. Of course Zack wasn't with someone. I still think Zack feels something more than friendship for Sam. I don't know, just how he acts. Update soon!
4/27/2011 c6 PJ Draft
I've been a major slacker when it comes to reading and reviewing. Anyways, I missed this chapter and the one before that so I'm here now. It's developing well! I had to do a little reading back to catch up as well, I was reading this story on my phone so sometimes I forget to review. But it was nice to read it over. I do like this. :D I especially adore the last line of this chapter. A kiss can be destructive. Anyways, update soon please.
4/21/2011 c6 jard23
Can't wait to see what happens next! great storyy! :)
4/19/2011 c6 bonnie1md
hey i really like this cant wait for more
4/18/2011 c6 Ima-eat-u
I can't wait to see what happens at the party ;D
4/18/2011 c6 Ana
Haha, Sam. :) I can't wait to see what she does at the get-together. Nice job!
4/18/2011 c6 mylittlePRINCESS
thank you for update so fast
4/18/2011 c6 porcelainstars
I love this update. Zack and Sam are really adorable. :)
4/17/2011 c5 2Ima-eat-u
I Really enjoyed this chapter :) I'm starting to like Zack a little more each chapter :P Cant wait till your next update.
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