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for The end where I begin

10/10/2011 c1 2eripenn
That was so heartbreaking! ):

I agree though. If my heart was shattered into pieces like that, then I guess I'll resort to running away too.
3/27/2011 c1 Casparo
Well done chicken feet, this is magic
3/10/2011 c1 16non.graceful
Good choice or words. I like how the song was a type of inspiration for you to begin this one-shot.
2/21/2011 c1 2FlutesOwn
Uhm. Wow. Havta say I can relate.. Just. Wow. Excellent description :)
2/20/2011 c1 ellaistria
"She thinks I'm going to hit her. But I don't- I just walk away. I can hear her calling me but I just walk away. Away from all of reality. To a life that doesn't exist. I need to move on- I have to walk away- it's the end where I begin." It's the end where you begin, it's life daring you to move. It's you deciding to give yourself a second chance, being fearless and walking away.

I really, really liked this ONE-SHOT :D And I really believe sometimes we just got to keep our heads up high and move on, sometimes walking away, trying to forget the past and taking every end as a new beginning is the best option and the best chance we can give to our hearts.

A beautiful ONE-SHOT indeed. Wish you all the best and I'm really glad I made you smile!



PS. Sorry about my english again :/ I could really give you more interesting reviews in spanish but you probably wouldn't understand me a thing, right? Anyway, have a beautiful week! :)
2/15/2011 c1 1swamp13
lovee itt ((:

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