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7/29/2013 c8 anonymous
update please
1/26/2012 c11 1sodapop776
Alright, so I'm sad that your going to stop writing this story. No one can finish it the way it was origanilly intended. I may not like the fact you want to stop writing this stroy, but I accept it...

Hope things turn out for you.
1/16/2012 c11 1spottedfire98
You know my heart stopped when I heard you werent going to finish this story:( but I understand your reasons:) I did enjoy this story while it lasted:)
1/14/2012 c10 1Jessica Anderson
Very original and witty, well done! You definitely know how to keep us glued to the page :)
8/15/2011 c10 1sodapop776
hehehe. Calla got the Captian good! But i feel bad cuz she had to leave): Can't wait to read what happens(:
8/13/2011 c10 Blondiej1
Wow I have to tell you that this is one amazing story and that you are an amazing writer, I cannot wait to see what happens next so *puppy dog eyes* please post the next chapter asap. And what ever happened to adrian or the 12next year old soldier she met when she first got there?

Until Next Time,


A.k.a Blondiej1
8/11/2011 c10 bluelibellule13
I just found this story today, and I'm very interested to see how this all turns out! I have no idea what will happen next... But I can't wait for the next update!

8/8/2011 c9 sodapop776
Glad you wrote another chapter(: Its nice to find out come of Calla's past. Love this story so far(:
7/31/2011 c9 1Chey1115
Gah! It ended too soon! :(

I really liked this chapter, because I'm a sucker when it comes to somebody hiding their history then it being revealed. You had me wrapped around your finger during this chapter. I LOVED it :D. I hope you write more quickly :)
6/24/2011 c8 1sodapop776
So far I really like your book. Can't wait for the next chapter(:
6/22/2011 c8 2Randomfire
Sorry I haven't reviewed the previous chapter! D;

Its great that you've started to write again =)

Just something to keep in check, make sure the character's actions are firmly linked to the character itself, I was caught off guard once and had to figure out who was doing what. =P

I loved this chapter, the dialogue between Calanthe and the Captain is so sweet. Calanthe's voice in this story is portrayed in quite a unique and interesting way. I can't really pin point what's so special about it, but it creates quite an airy yet feisty atmosphere around her. Since this story is set in a medieval time, when women were taught to be obedient and graceful, its quite hilarious watching Calanthe pound Rose's head in and kicking guys butts. )

Anyways good job! Keep writing! You've got quite a handful of readers now!
6/20/2011 c8 1Chey1115
I was so excited to see that there was another chapter when I came home from chilling around town today.

I love the Captain. Though he confuses me sometimes. In a good way. He just seems young at times, and old at other times. He's still awesome, with his anger problems and secret lust for Calla. I was seriously freaking out when Rose came and tried to win him over. Rose deserved more than one punch ;)

I can not wait until the next chapter. I wish the chapters were longer, or I didn't read so fast. All good stories end too fast
6/20/2011 c1 1sodapop776
This seems like a really great book(: I only read some of it but I really like it(:
6/20/2011 c8 4Abbagrl
Sounds like one evil Rose. Never heard of one. Excepting the one that pokes me, of course.
6/20/2011 c7 Abbagrl
Gettin mysterious. Can't wait to see what happens...
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