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for The Hidden Truth

3/29/2011 c1 276Darkest Fantasy
I liked this. It captured the struggle that everyone goes through in life at least once, if not every day. Good job.
3/11/2011 c1 80oxygenicide
"The truth I didn't like,

Therefore the lie it had to be."

My favourite lines in the poem :]

Just get the feeling you need to reconsider your punctuations. For example, in these lines

"I tried to hide from,

Everything staring back at me."

The comma after 'from' seems very unnecessary and it spoils the flow of the poem.
2/28/2011 c1 A.J Scarlet
Not bad, it definitely gives an important message.
2/24/2011 c1 1Elaina McKenzie Sharpe
I really liked that. It was very good! I loved the last line the most.
2/22/2011 c1 23fatbird33
good and important message.

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