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for Dueling the Duke

4/22/2018 c1 coffeeandtomes950
Great start. I like that Olivia is spoiled when we first seet her..and I wonder if she will become more well-rounded later on. Looking forward to reading the rest.
6/23/2016 c20 Anon707
I love the story but I hate Olivia. Huhuhu
1/31/2015 c32 3gyoung
I have to admit Olivia's attitude in the beginning was obnoxious. Later on, though, I learned to like her. It is quite clear that her train of thought matures along the way and I liked to be able to detect that change. However, I do think that the duke's change of attitude was too sudden and almost unreal. Likewise, Georgiana's opinion of Olivia changing right after the ball seems a bit too quick for me, specially when the young girl seemed to be determined to dislike Olivia.
Anyway, those were some details I wanted to point out. I did like the story overall. It's a different type of plot line in which the lady is almost villain-like and conniving. Thanks for writing!
4/7/2014 c32 xEchoxInfernox
Lovely story, I really enjoyed it:).
8/21/2013 c19 Bibliophilesunite
Why does she have to act so desperate? No self-respect? :(

On a positive note, love Royce.

Love this story, just not too fond of Olivia.
8/21/2013 c18 Bibliophilesunite
I'm really sorry about this, but Olivia's character really grates on my nerves. It's kind of embarrasing how much she's chasing him really. I hope she gets better and grows as a person.

I love your style of writing. It's amazing. Has me hooked.
7/22/2013 c32 1Xandria Cosette
I enjoy this story. If you ever do rewrite it though I don't think you should alter Olivia's character very much. Yes, she may be annoying but it makes her character development all the better and more apparent. Nobody is perfect and there are annoying people in the world who are good at heart and Olivia reminds me of one of them. :) It has a good storyline, although I do think you should look over your work more. There are missing words and sometimes double words that replace the correct words. If you ever do decide to edit this story do keep it up please.
2/16/2013 c32 LOVEtoREAD22
Loved it! That's all I have to say.
8/3/2012 c32 The Quotidian Life
I really, really, really love a good historical romance! And your's is absolutely amazingly written! I love it!

You are a really good writer. Were you born in Japan or did you become very fleunt in English?

Congratulations for this masterpiece!

4/30/2012 c17 3no-ones-puppet
Okay. So I like your story a lot, but one thing keeps bugging me. In the earlier chapters, Royce has honey colored eyes... As stated in chapter 3. But in the later chapters, they suddenly change colors and are blue. Just thought you might want to know if you ever wanted to go back and fix it. :)
4/25/2012 c32 9Green Teaa
Wow, this was an absolute roller coaster! I had to read it all in one long go because I couldn't stop so instead of individual reviews, I'm just shoving it all into one massive essay review or something! I have to admit there were so many times when I just thought that Olivia was so horrid, but I really started to enjoy her after her marriage, especially when she started taking Georgiana to balls. And speaking of Georgiana, I TOTALLY guessed that it was not Huntley that she was in love with, but Captain Stratton!

I did think Royce's sudden change of attitude towards her was a little bit sudden though, especially since she didn't entirely display any particularly different mannerisms towards him. I felt like it was a bit sudden? Like there should've been one or a few very evident and key events that suddenly made Royce see Olivia in a different light, and perhaps a monologue of sorts indicating that Olivia has finally realised that title isn't everything? Actually, there probably were indications and I didn't read closely enough idk haha! Also, I thought some of the events and details could have been incorporated a little better? For example, Olivia's love of reading was never played on as much as I would've liked or expected it to, and characters like Emma and Marianne just disappeared quite soon. I would've thought of Marianne as a stronger contender for duchess and to therefore have more appearances as sort of antagonist? but that's just my opinion : )

However, I really enjoyed your character development. Like with The Debutante, I love how your female protags always have very realistic character flaws and they change and develop so naturally. Despite my qualms about Royce's sudden change in attitude that I don't quite understand, their actual dynamics together were lovely and I liked seeing how Olivia's stubbornness played up against Royce's domination and how she actually stuck up for Georgiana and genuinely wanted her to be happy. Olivia might have been vain and selfish and somewhat manipulative but she did change and, like with Priscilla, it was nice to see likeable sides of her. Oh, and your men are gorgeous. So, so gorgeous.

Also, I HAVE to say this: I am head over heels for Huntley (his name is SIMON that is so gorgeous) and in my headcanon, we are totally in love. I do dearly hope you've started on a Huntley-centric fic and if not, I would SO love one and also my name is Christine hint hint. Am I weird? Yes. Totally. HAHAHA okay I'm (kind of) joking but seriously, I think you're incredible. Thank you for a lovely and enjoyable read!
3/21/2012 c3 CheeryPenguin19
Though I read The Debutante, I must admit I'm finding this story much more enjoyable because personally, I find Olivia to be a much more enjoyable character than Priscilla (it might also be because the name makes me think of a prissy, uptight, and quite frankly boring girl even though I assure you she wasn't) primarily because she seems so much more believable: following what her parents want but she still has the slight rebellious streak that makes her emdearing and different from the other girls. Still, I wouldn't call her a gold digger because she holds the thoughts of most girls at the time. (oh, Royce. That's him being a lovable idiot.) I'm currently only on chapter 3, but this story shows promise so I will happily continue :)
2/10/2012 c2 shea
im loving your story so far... nice work done here :)
1/16/2012 c32 3happyflowers0729
OMGee And they lived happily ever after.:)
1/15/2012 c32 Mandyg
I absolutely freakin loved this story.

you go Angelica...great story.
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