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for Dueling the Duke

7/24/2011 c23 staleesha

I loved this chapter so much. XD

You got me totally hooked. =P

There are so many big conflicts, and I totally loved it.


Thanks for updating.

7/23/2011 c23 1OneChance
Finally decided to read this, after getting email alerts for months in my inbox. As always, you have an amazing writing style. Although I may not care for everything your characters do, I admire how you always stay true to their individual personalities. As with The Debutante-one of my favorites on here-this is another amazing piece of literature.

Keep writing.

7/23/2011 c23 4Garneau

I really like this chapter.

Royce's behaviour fits exactly with character and I especially liked his thoughts right at the end.

Pricilla and Ethan are so nice. I like that Priscilla is warming up Olivia.

I was surprised by Olivia sudden want for annulment, it seemed unexpected, but it does make sense with all her loneliness.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter,

7/23/2011 c23 mylittlePRINCESS
updupdate ate update update update update update update update update
7/23/2011 c23 8GermanSam
Aw, this was sad and cute at the same time. I mean, yeah for Ethan and Priscilla having a girl! That was just plain adorable. I'm glad she took away her accusation of Olivia cheating. Then comes Royce. He got a kind of reality check in this chapter and it was nice in a way. Now he knows that she is bored and isn't as fond of him as she was before. No doubt she is still attracted to him but just not in the same way as before. It's sad but good. Maybe Royce will actually make an effort to get to know her and woo her properly. I do hope Olivia comes around to this marriage and Royce doesn't just leave for London like he did before!

I can't wait to read more! I love this story and I never want it to end! :)
7/23/2011 c23 5lukas10
i agree with you. i do.

about royce.. he wants her, but not only physically, he wants her in all the meaning of the word. because if not he could have had her right there, she was still but he didn't because he took her feelings in consideration right?

so what about no? will he try to woo her until she allows him to bed her?

that would be hilarious!

i would imagine olivia finally agreeing so he would finally leave her alone.. and the next morning he being still there because right then he'll be so deep in love with her and so attached that he won't be able to look away :3 hahah wishful thinking right?

huhuhuhu i can't wait :P

and he will caring the picture of her holding a baby in his mind until he makes babies with her... and i believe he would love to hold his baby... even if it's a girl because it will be hers too...

oh i'm becoming so lame... snif snif

ok ok i leave you to write now... this story is one of the best i've ever read. :) and i mean that... my heart even skip a beat when i see you have update :P
7/23/2011 c23 smrae
Oh man this was such a good chapter! I absouloutley love this story and I can't wait to see what happens next! So please update soon :). I hope everything works out for Olivia in then.
7/23/2011 c23 gera
i am slightly disturbed by the duke's behaviour. i hope u make him suffer for treating olivia like this.
7/23/2011 c23 4White Alchemist
HAHA! IT's Royce's fault now! Joke. :D But still, he shouldn't have done that. Man, that was dramatic! :D
7/23/2011 c23 4aryagal
yesyeyes ,i love this chapter!

you did a wonderful job and there's finally some action between the two of them!

and wow olivia's change of attitude towards royce is astonishing.
7/19/2011 c22 2leeleopold
I really enjoy your story! I like how your characters interact and all seem realistic - especially since the time period is far back. I know some people probably don't like Olivia's character either because she's spoiled and/or self-centered, but I happen to like her a lot because you made her very realistic. I think she's totally in love with Royce - not just because of his "title" either. I am angry that Royce abandoned her on their wedding day... that was so mean of him. But I like him because again, you makes these characters realistic. I hope though that soon they'll began to bond, have sex, and come to love each other for who they are - flaws and all! I want them to start treating each other the same way when they first ever met - when they, especially Royce, felt so much attraction and happiness with her (all before he found out about her plan of marrying him of course). I really do hope they soon go back to being friendly and in love. I feel so bad for Olivia (even though it was her fault for tangling the duke into this marriage)... I mean, her mother is vain, she's away from the people she loves, Priscilla thinks she's having an affair with her husband, Royce's sister obviously doesn't like her for the time being, and Olivia is married to someone who claims to hate her. The girl has it BAD as of now and it's easy to feel sympathy for her.

Ahh, I'll stop rambling now lol. Anyway, hopefully there will be an update soon so I and your other fans can continue reading. Thanks for posting an interesting/great story!
7/18/2011 c22 5marzmez
What a mess! You are doing a really good job with the plot twists. Keep up the good work.
7/17/2011 c22 blackrose312
to be honest, this chapter did not satisfy me like i thought it would. it's not bad, trust me! i was just expecting royce and olivia to finally talk, have some form of communication, physical or not, but this cliffhanger is just pure torture. i really can't wait for the next chapter, i adore this story.
7/16/2011 c22 staleesha
Again, great chapter. =D

Oh my God, I was NOT expecting that.


This is actually the only reason I check my mail. =D

And now I'm quite sad I'm done reading. =(

You better update soon.=P

7/16/2011 c22 AbbeyXD
gah! I hate Georgiana already! :D
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