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for Dueling the Duke

7/16/2011 c22 3happyflowers0729
OOh I wounder what's going to happen next? I cannot wait for the next chapter! ^-^
7/16/2011 c22 mylittleprincess
i hate Georgiana . moore please
7/16/2011 c22 xoxojarofhearts
ahhhh soo goood! update soon! so excited for whats about to happen! ur a great writer and the plots awsome!
7/16/2011 c22 5lukas10
so close and so far away!

wait... is olivia an idiot? why didn't she just explain to lady ainsworth that they just talk? i mean, c'mon! and at least she should have told lord ainsworth... but hell will brok esoon huh? how will she be able to tell royce that everything is a lie?-.- ohh i know how... huhu

if he beds her he'll notice right?

somehow i'm worried about olivia because he will teach her.. that he doesn't tolarate infidelity... but he is horny as hell! oh damn... YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTS! but still love you though :P ohh so forward.. hahahahaa lol :3

7/16/2011 c22 8GermanSam
I woke up this morning knowing I HAD to check my email because you always update during the weekend!

Oh no! So. Much. Drama!

First Priscilla. Wow I missed her but man she needs to calm down. I know she's pregnant and all but still. I wish Olivia would have mentioned how Ethan speaks about her on their morning rides and that they are nothing but civil chats on their rides. Everyone seemed to keep inturrupting her before she could tell anyone the truth. Sigh...

Then the whole childbirth thing! Holy crap! I mean, do we get to see their baby? I hope it turns out well for them. I kind of hope Priscilla lets Olivia hold the baby and Royce sees and maybe has some compasion for her or something. I can dream at least.

Then Royce returns! And everything just gets so turned around. I don't know if I like his sister or not. I did before but now I'm thinking I don't. I hope Royce listens to Olivia and accepts her words as the truth. Maybe Royce can confront Ethan? Oh, I just love jealousy! :D

I hope you update soon but I will be patiently waiting for the week to be up so you can update!

Thank you for letting me marry this story! I look forward to keeping it forever and ever in my heart! 3

7/16/2011 c22 Theresa98
Great chapter! I can't wait to see what Royce decides to do!
7/16/2011 c22 Genato
it's my birthday today! thanks for updating on my bday! hhaahah. please update sooN!
7/16/2011 c22 JJKim623
Nice ending! I'm really curious to see how try are going to sort the whole infidelity thing out. Like will Royce trust the duchess' words? And will lord ainsworth and the duchess still be friends after they sort everything out or will they have to give up their friendship for the sake of their partners?
7/16/2011 c22 4Garneau

This is amazingly written as usual (I hope I didn't offend you with the last review, it wasn't meant to be rude, just something I noticed).

This chapter I've noticed is really well edited as well. Each thought seems to flow effortlessly to the next and as for the storyline! Of course Olivia would be the one suggested as being adulterous. I see the next chapter might be a bit rough for her. But as per usual I cannot wait to read it.

7/16/2011 c22 emmy
this is really good!
7/15/2011 c21 1QuirkyDebutante
Serves him right !

If he get a taste of Olivia, he'll be back for more . I'm sure of it !

Anyway, nice chapter .


7/13/2011 c21 Amorina
Yes. I'm reviewing again, but please update soon. I really want to know what happens next. This story's like a novel you begin and have to finish that same day because it so good...I'm so desperate from an update that i reread your story :P
7/11/2011 c21 3happyflowers0729
Can't wait until the next chapter:)
7/10/2011 c21 amorina
I like that you had perspectives from both sides. I felt bad for Olivia, Royce leaves her and then her sister-in-law doesn't want to communicate with her. I was a little glad that she has some company from AInsworth. I can't wait for the next update to see how Royce will responded to Olivia's friendship with Ethan, after all she did kiss Ethan a year ago. Also i can't wait to see if Royce actually follows through with the foreshadowed events. Please update Soon.
7/10/2011 c21 4Garneau

Yay another chapter up!

I am really glad you included both Olivia's and the duke's perspective and reflection on their inner thoughts and desires. The fact the duke still "likes" her gives hope for the future!

I did notice the absence of your editing. You are a lot more concise and flowing in your chapter when you do do the big edit, this halter whilst so enjoyable to read seemed a bit disjointed and some of Olivia's thoughts seemed a bit repetitive. BUT it was in no way bad. These are just some of my reflections . . . And complimenting you as an editor!

I look forward to the next chapter, especially how Olivia's going to take the duke's new ambition,

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