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for Dueling the Duke

5/24/2011 c14 staleesha

Great chapter =)

Although, I am looking forward to them getting together.

Maybe you should make it soon?

Oh and =D You got your 101st reviewer. =)


5/22/2011 c14 GermanSam
Wow. Just...wow. Drama alert! This chapter was crazy but I loved it. Its definitely my favorite thus far. Royce likes her...a lot. Drowning his thoughts with alcohol will not make Olivia disappear; from his mind or his life. Olivia, poor Olivia, what a stupid move. If only she didn't kiss Eathan...but ah, where would all the good drama be then? I can't wait to see the aftermath of all this! You're the most amazing writer ever. Good luck with finals or midterms or whatever you have. :)
5/21/2011 c14 5lukas10
ohh sweet pages... that was really hardcore. i mean everyone is trying to get her married. and implaying lord ainsworth is the one or whatever... she tries to see if that's real (making the duke nuts while she is at it) or if she can feel good about him, when she realized not, she screwed his life... and hers as well..

i wonder how are they going to wrok it out... i believe the time the duke will be gone... it won't help the cause :P

5/21/2011 c14 Pumkin33
Arggggghhhhh I loved it just like always :) plusnit came out in my birthday so YAY! thanks for the bday present. But please upload again soon I so want to know what happens xxxxxx
5/21/2011 c14 mylittlePRINCESS
amazing and i love Olivia -Royce happy ever after update more please and fast
5/21/2011 c14 fatimm
Wow, so much drama! Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/21/2011 c14 karenho

I enjoy reading your story and how it connects with the The Debutante. Continue to write more stories! =) I will look forward to your work.
5/21/2011 c14 4aryagal

damniit but i dont liek how she used him!

he was so nice to her and she just like KISSED HIM how is that even morally right. asldkfj THEY WERE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.

i hope he forgives her...or like she goes and confesses to priscilla that she was the one who kissed him. or SOMETHING..

BUT i love how royce was super jealous.

it was funny (:
5/21/2011 c14 5marzmez
Bad, bad Olivia! Sometimes I want to wring her neck! I'm curious to see how she and Royce actually get together.
5/21/2011 c14 4Garneau

I really liked the chapter.

I can see where this clicks in with The Debutante. The different perspective shows Olivia in a different light. Manipulative, yes, but not quite as b*tchy as seen through Priscilla's eyes, and I really like that. It shows the difference in personality through the different girls and the different motives, etc.

If I could criticise one thing, it would be right at the start Olivia says "Relax. I'm only teasing you." to Emma. Usually you're dialogue is perfect but I thought the "relax" part of the sentence seemed a bit twenty first century. But don't worry, I only wrote that because all I ever feel I can do is compliment you're amazing writing!

I really can't wait for the next chapter. Olivia has definitely got herself on rocky ground,

5/18/2011 c13 Istalri
I'm excited to see what the excitement will be! This is an excellent story and I'm really enjoying reading it.
5/17/2011 c13 staleesha
Great chapter =D

It's okay that nothing happened with Olivia and Royce,

It's still a nice chapter seeing Emma and Henry engaged. =D

Anyway, I'm beyond excited for the next chapter. =)

5/16/2011 c13 mylittlePRINCESS
shocking chapter love it more please and fast
5/16/2011 c13 fatimm
Your'e one of the best writers! Seriously, each of your chapters are amazing! Can't wait for the next!
5/16/2011 c1 5lukas10
this story is way too good :P

it's funny how olivia is exactly what the duke wants but because of her foolish wish of wanting to marry him just of ranting... or any duke..in case, he detest her. but somehow, if you scratch that, she is intelligent, lovely, beautiful beyond believe (if i got that right...), kind and has good intentions. of course she seemed to be naive about reality, and a snob and somehow selfish... but when the dutch treats her badly, she is hurt. so... i like her. LOL

and the dutch... oh i love him.

but what is the thing with Marianne? is kind of weird, i think i'm taking about myself, ha.

wasn't she uspposed to be friends with her? why suddenly break it up? she must have had a plan all along... and i believe is not that she just want the dutch... there must be soemthign more...

uhhh i love it :P

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