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for Dueling the Duke

5/16/2011 c13 4Garneau

I have been a terrible reader and not reviewed in ages, but I have been reading.

I really loved the interaction between Olivia and the Duke in earlier chatpers. The Duke is so conflicted, leaving Olivia confused and hurt. I also liked the methodical openning to this chapter. It gave an idea of where Olivia was with the Duke's departure, not to mention their last meeting.

As for the announcement at the end of this chapter, I was a little confused ( I might have read over it too fast).

Was Olivia upset with the idea of her brother and Emma together? Or was she upset that Emma hadn't consoled in her? Or was it because Olivia has the personality, that she likes knowing what is going on from the get go? Or is it something different entirely?

I enjoyed the theatrics of the mother. She reminds me of Mrs Bennett from the Kiera Knightly Pride and Predjudice.

How annoying is FP at the moment? I had problems logging in the other day, and as for replying to reviews, it's been a pain.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter. Whilst I think I have an inkling of what will happen at the end of this first 'part', I don't know what you have planned until that happens.

Looking forward to the next chapter,

5/16/2011 c13 Guest
i like the sibling relationship between olivia and henry. i like their family interactions. i like how olivia is different from the other main characters in regency stories, like how she's ambitious and admitting it.
5/15/2011 c13 yunique
It's great that Olivia supports Emma's relationship with her brother :)

Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/15/2011 c13 8GermanSam
Aw, this chapter was so sweet. It's so nice to see that someone in this story gets their happy ending. Now to just get that for Olivia and everything would be perfect. I suppose that will have to come later. I want it to be two chapters from now on! I know Olivia and Royce are in the next chapter but you have already got me curious for the shocking chapter. Oh, update soon please! (If FP will let you and quits being stupid with updates)

I love this story so much! :)
5/15/2011 c12 2Willa Blythe
Please write more. Very enjoyable.
5/9/2011 c12 Istalri
I'm really liking this story, especially the tension between Olivia and Royce. They're such interesting characters! I really can't wait to see what will happen next.
5/9/2011 c12 8GermanSam
I was so happy when I discovered that Fictionpress was fixed! It's so exciting to see the website back to it's old ways. I'm sorry this review is a little late. I had prom this weekend and I've been so busy. I read the chapter when you first updated (because I was not going to go without knowing what was happening) but never got around to reviewing. So here I am: reviewing.

This story just makes me want to rip my hair out. In a good way though if you can have a good way to rip out your hair. But anyway, you created tension, broke it, and now you are building it up again. I seriously thought that Olivia might kiss him again on the balcony in order to try to prove that he has feelings for her but it might be too forward for a girl at this time. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. When will Royce come around? Sigh...

Update soon!
5/8/2011 c12 M
Yay and update! I simply cannot wait for the drama to develop between the girls!
5/8/2011 c12 ancientchives
For some reason I don't really enjoy the scenes with emma and henry XP seriously i'm not cold hearted lol! This chapter definitely reinforced my disinterest in this couple because I kind of got annoyed at how henry was ordering emma to go with him; like how olivia was thinking "who was he to talk to her in that way." Other than that i'm still trying to figure out why I don't really liket his couple -_- weird..neways, great story!
5/7/2011 c12 staleesha
Nice chapter =D

Although, I hoped another one of Royce's point of views.

But, I loved it! =D

Update soon!

5/7/2011 c12 fatimm
Wow, didn't expect that from Marianne. Poor Olivia! I enjoyed this chapter (like always). Update soon ...
5/7/2011 c12 yunique
very excited for the update :)

I feel sad for Olivia, she'd always wanted to be a duchess, yet he rejects her :(

But I also feel that Olivia is blinded by the title and doesn't see beyond it

I'll be awaiting your next update ;D
5/6/2011 c12 AbbeyXD
aw poor Olivia. I feel really sorry for her!
5/6/2011 c12 4aryagal
i love this story.

HAHAHA i love how he can't control himself and kisses her again

damn i thought he was going to be all swet and stuff when he finds her on the balcony when she's all sad.

but i guess that wouldve been too easy.


henry and emma
5/6/2011 c11 Genato
i would like it very much if you would UPDATE THIS STORY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. :) although there are spelling mistakes... and i think you need to develop the development of feelings (lol) it's really good. :)
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