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for Dueling the Duke

9/24/2011 c32 mylittleprincess
awesome,awesome,awesome! great story.
9/24/2011 c32 8GermanSam
AW! Oh my goodness! How perfect an ending! It was so. freaking. cute. I loved it! Royce was so cocky and self absorbed at the beginning of the novel and Olivia was quite the whiner (is that a word?). Anyway, I'm glad to see their transistion together. Royce turned into quite the romantic when he learned he loved his wife but I believed that all their tension was what really made me love them both. Tension is the best thing in any story I believe and your wrote it so perfectly. I loved every minute of this story. You're writing style is easily my favorite. If you were published I would buy all your books with a moment's hesitation and without even reading what it was about. I absolutely love you (in a platonic way of course) and you works. I so cannot wait to see what you have in store for you readers and fans! You can definitely be assured that I will be here throughout your next story as well! I'm so excited for the next adventure you're going to take us on! :)
9/24/2011 c32 AbbeyXD
aw loved it! Great story? Are you going to write Lord Huntley's story next? please do! :D
9/24/2011 c32 Lucasta
Thank you so much for finishing this wonderful story.
9/24/2011 c32 flunkybubbleshorts
Hey, it was a great story. I've been following it (but not reviewing regularly. oops). I'm hoping to read more stories from you!
9/24/2011 c32 1OneChance
Oooooh! This just made my day! I love how you never take the conventional route with your characters. You always make them inperfect. For example, Priscilla was a homely girl, while Olivia was a selfish, beautiful girl. It makes the stories seem uninteresting at first, but then the reward for reading them is tenfold a normal story. I will most definitely be reading any other stories you post on here. -Chance
9/24/2011 c32 1Maeflower14
Now it is over. Done. Gone with the fucking wind. I miss it so much already I think you really need to hurry up and publish a new side story, on Lord Huntley or Georgiana and the Captain.

And I love how she just ran after him, made HIM tell her why he loved her, then said it back. And Henry, I want to marry Henry not Royce, he still is so protective of her and it is so cute:)

Gosh Royce, you horny dog having sex in her parents house? Got to love it.

Cough cough- I think the epilogue set up the story for a Lord Huntley like the last story did for Olivia and the Duke. Gossip Columns should just not exist sometimes, even though Royce's respond to it was funny. Royce and his protectiveness is just out of hand but cute.And the last scene AWHHHH!

Well thank you for writing such a magnificent novel can't wait to read the next one!
9/24/2011 c32 3Jude Blake Gabriel
Very nice. This was sweet.
9/24/2011 c32 1Susan Holt
Awww... so, she DID run after him! And he DID kiss her senseless!

I think I have a crush on Royce... nothing new, I know... get in line etc. LOL

I loved the epilogue as well... It truly was a sweet and loving story. I love the way you write and until you present us a new story, I will start reading your previous one.

Next story I hope is one about Lord Huntley. He's my favourite!

You did an excellent job, congratulations on finishing a successful story! :)
9/24/2011 c32 4White Alchemist
Ah, I love happy endings. :D They should kiss some more, though. XDDDD Though, I'm curious of Lord Huntley's betrothed. To the extent of hiding her, she must be a beautiful lady. :)
9/22/2011 c31 gilda
Please update soon...i can't wait for the final ch.
9/22/2011 c31 amorina
OMG...i can't wait till she gives him another chance...btw is there going to be an epilogue
9/22/2011 c31 lucy
plaese update soon
9/22/2011 c31 5lukas10
i see whats going on, she was gone now he is gone, you are trying to drive me crazy aren't ya? and trying to make myself get shoot? by me.. does that make any sense?

i wonder how long will she take until she realize she could try and give him another chance. ok, we know the guy is dense, he was a lot going on for him and a lot of responsability to take care of! but still, he is jsut a kid... ok, not a kid kid but he isn't over 25 yet, is he?

but he now accept the feeling he has for her. and finally, thank you for that!

he has been in love with her since the first time at the dance. and it was mutual.

nad henry is loveable, seriously. the big bro.

but now, olivia olivia olivia... what you gonna do, what you gonna do, when he isn't coming back, olivia, olivia... haha sorry about that.

i see her running up the hill after him, calling his name and the rain pouring down as if the sky was crying of happiness because they will be together soon... or maybe you ARE trying to make me shoot myself, and you let olivia let him go, and she'll divorce and then THEN he'll shoot himself, after olivia marries some wanna-be-duke-but-never-getting-there loser and georgina will convince captain stratton to take her to see olivia and murderer her becuase of breaking and killing her brother dearest who just become human again and let her be happy with the love of her life.

so, what will be? the crying sky or Georgina the murder?

i bet you'll surprise me. and maybe henry could get his fist on royce ego... and pride and face! that way olivia will try to stop the gentlemen in the deed of trying to kill each other. imagine, royce trying to convice henry that he does love her sister and henry trying to kill him because he founds out olivia is pregnant, which means he had sex with her, AND now there is a little duke growing inside of her... which meant her little sister HAD SEX... and about the baby which henry most likely will hate until the lovely creature is born and he'll fall deeple in love with his new niece or nefew.

and BAM, happy ending... so choose one :P or surprise...

i could bet you'll choose the later one. the surprise me part.

i can't believe you ARE finishing this story in the next chapter! like seriously?

and and and

if you ever EVER published this story, oh let me know, please! i'll be the first one buying it :P

seriously.. and well it will be through amazon unless destiny has other plans for me...

will see..

for now just do ad explendid jod by finishinf this story as good as the rest of the story has been :P




ps: i never write this kind of long reviews... ever! so feel special about it :P haaha just kidding... am i?
9/20/2011 c30 8DorkExpress
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I read that the story was over. haha... (clears throat uncomfortably) so if yo wold just ignore the last review I made, that would be awesome!

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