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9/13/2011 c30 1Susan Holt

I never saw that one coming!

I was expecting some kind of fight, but this... nope!

Royce, you sexy ass, you have totally gone and destroyed it, this time!

I wasn't a huge fan of Olivia in the beginning, but I have to admit, that she acted quite classy this time. I can only hope she will give Royce a run for his money in the future. Not all forgivenesses are bought by jewelry, after all!

I'm happy for Georgianna and her captain! Happy ending! Yay!

I'm curious about Lord Huntley's fiance. He explained the situation a bit, but I wonder if there's anything else behind it. He seems such a nice character to end up alone. I'd be mucho interested to see a story about him and this mysterious fiance of his! Just throwing some ideas on the table! :)

Royce deserves to have his ass kicked by Henry! I'm SO waiting for the couple's reunion though! I'm hoping for a firey one!
9/11/2011 c30 5lukas10
SHIT! that, well ahhh... he is an ass. damn it why does he act so impulsively! he should tell her he loves her that way she would forgive him..

oh dear... didn't henry told the duke that if he ever hurt her he would regret it? i wonder what will have to do the duke now to get her back.. oh and georgina... ha that little girl, finally royce gave in and let her be happy, all thanxs to olivia. i bet royce was thinking that olivia would take im seriously and now he'll go after her! and henry will try to kill him! oh royce.. why can you think before speaking! now you'll need more than pearls to bring her back home! oh dear, will she ask for a divorce? wills he lie to her family saying she is just on visiting because her lovely dear husband went to london to solve a few problems about sanity?

and georgina will beat the crap out of him. i'm hoping on that. royce has been pushing her away for so long and now he has her back, oh she will tell him a few things about woman and olivia specially.

olivia did told him she made a mistake by marrying him. oh that must hurt. a lot. but she loves him and that's the real reason why she wanted him to marry her. that's why she didn't give up but still, he is always so pissed..

and she is his wife, she should be concer about georgina! and how she is being raised! she has been raised weel if we take all of olivias fauls but still, and georgina needs that. she ahd prove olivia that much already. :P

ok ok ok, so i bet henry will kick the dukes ass somehow but for some reason i believe olivia will lie to her family i udnno why.

i mean i know.. why.. butstill oh you better update soon :P

and royce has already accepted that stratton will marry her sister, that's nice. there isn't a better man for her. thanxs to olivia for kicking roycs ego i the guts :P


later :P

i'm waiting for 31 anxiously :P

will he get her back?
9/11/2011 c30 4White Alchemist
Ah, it's okay :) I'm sure you have other things to do than this :D, Besides, Royce sure is in an idiot! :PPP He better apologize! :D
9/10/2011 c30 4Garneau

I certainly wasn't expecting THAT to happen in this chapter wit Olivia, Georgiana and Royce. It was the perfect way to resolve all the issues going on and I absolutely loved reading it. You had me glaring frustratedly at the screen, hoping that by some weird chance te next chapter was up as well!

This chapter was really well written and I thought maybe it seemed a little hurried, but that is probably me reading quickly and greedily wanting more. You orchestrate you characters so well and I can never find fault with their dialogue and your development of them.

Sorry about my last review, I can't remember what it said but I'm pretty sure I confused all of your characters between tetwo stories. I was also probably really sleep deprived, and I'm going to blame it on that as well.

Anyway, I am so excited for the next chapter and a little ad (because the story comes closer to being over :().

Until next time,

9/10/2011 c30 Dancing In A Flowerfield
NOOOOOO! I can't believe she left! Well I sort of can but still. I mea he does love her. He admitted it too! Well at least Will and Georgie got back together! Can't wait till next week!

PS thanks for making my horrible day so much better.
9/10/2011 c30 Daily Beauty
There were a few minutes of content silence between them.

"I like Olivia," Georgiana said.

"I like her, too."

"Do you love her?"

I love that part! I dont know why but it just really caught my attention. I am sure next chapter will be very exciting. I'll be waiting! :D good chapter by the way!
9/10/2011 c30 1Maeflower14
I believe you said there was 7 more chapters in chapter 25...so that leaves us with 2 more? I think Royce is finally coming to his senses and he does truly love her. So I predict that he will go see her in the next chapter and they will admit they love one another and Olivia will either tell him or figure out that she is pregnant. The last chapter I see being held like a few years and a couple kids later at Georigiana's wedding to the captain. I have fell in love with this story and I am sad to see it coming to a close. Maybe we could have a third installment of this story with Lord Huntley finding love? Would that be so bad?
9/10/2011 c30 8GermanSam
Wow! I mean, geez Royce can be such a jerk when he's fueled by his emotions. At least Olivia was able to keep her cool when Royce yells at her. As soon as people start screaming in my face, the tears just start rolling. It's just my reaction I guess. Anyway, good for her that she got away. Even though she doesn't realize it, she taught Royce a wonderful lesson. Now he will be all sweet and romantic when he goes to make everything up to her. He will go an make everything up to her right? I can't wait for them to be reunited! Oh I love them two so much! They are so adorable! ^_^ And yay for Georgiana! I'm glad that she got what she wanted. Granted it will take years for her to finally be married but it's a start and almost a promise that it will happen. I'm happy for her. And GO OLIVIA! I hope Royce comes crawling back in the most adorably sweet way possible! Haha. Does that make me a bad person? I hope not. And no worries about being late. It proves to be an even bigger surprise when I get the update! Can't wait for the next one which is hopefully on time *hint hint*! How many more chapters left? I feel like it's coming to an end. Sigh...I never want it to end but I want them to be together! Ugh! Update soon! :)
9/10/2011 c30 3Jude Blake Gabriel
I know you just updated but you neeeeeed to update soon.
9/10/2011 c29 5lukas10
hatakiri... that's the first thing i thought when brilliant captain stratton asked for permission to court the dukes sister... i mean, SERIOSLY! i know guys act a lot of impulse and say things without thinking but damn that was the wrong thing to ask at the wrongest time ever? now, pour olivia will have to deal with a beast...

oh oh oh and here is my guess i know! i can tell i know! why did georgi run away a year ago... to marry stratton of course! but the duke would have put a bullet in the lovely captains fronthead if he knew the truth, that's why she doens't want to talk about ti, because she woulnd't be able to see the captain again... and i bet lord huntley knew all along.. oh poor duke, hes best friends are cheating on him"! annd georgina will tell olvia.. and she'll do something about it! and the duke will try to convince her otherwise with hot and steamy sex... and she'll give in... but then tell him that if he wants her sister to not try to kill herself, to let her marry statton and BUM there will be lots of babies... oh my.. babies why haven't i thought about that yet! they did it once right? and i don't ecall her getting her monthly visit... could it probably be? could she be? oh let her have it one more time before she starts getting all warm and fussy and wanting the duke to please her.. i'm talking silly... sorry for that... is hjust that there is ch. 30 up and and and i haven't get the chance to review the 29 :P but there you go!

and i'm crazy i kno...

but babies? seriously? could it be?

oh i bet you haven't thought about it yet have you?



9/8/2011 c29 4Garneau

I aboslutely adore this story! Definitely the one I most anticipate the updates for.

Priscilla is really in deep sh*t now. She couldn't have expected her actions to leave her unscathed.

Georgiana actually annoys me quite a bit. She seems really immature and a bit of a brat, or quite a brat. She doesn't seem to realise the repercussion of her actions in public society (I guess it's the same with Priscilla and her going against Royce's requests).

Though it seems that Priscilla has turned the tables at the end of this chapter. Stomping away from the carriage with her head held high! Classic Priscilla.

I'm really excited for what happens next,

9/5/2011 c29 1Susan Holt
Oh, my! Olivia is gonna be in much trouble!

I'm very curious about Georgiana'a past... could it be a love disappointment?

And, yes... I still think Royce is sexy! Even more so when he's angry... hahahahahahaaha

I think I start understanding Olivia's infatuation with him... on the physical part... :)))

I'd like to see how she feels about her title now...
9/3/2011 c29 mylittleprincess
update fast please.
9/3/2011 c29 AbbeyXD
grrr I need more! can' tyou update sooner than once a week? :(
9/3/2011 c29 8GermanSam
What? WHAT? You torture me for a week making me wait for this and then THAT's where you leave it off? Really? I want to know what happens? No! I need to know what Royce is going to say. Before I get to all of that though, I'm saw the whole thing coming where Royce would be there and Olivia would have to hide his sister. I was hoping they would get away with it but in a way I'm glad they didn't because then Oliva would have to worry about breaking the news to Royce by herself and that would have been bad. I'm glad kept his anger somewhat in this chapter. At least he didn't just go storming off to London again. That was an interesting twist with Georgiana running away and stuff. How sad. I hope Olivia is the one that gets her to explain why so she can go out and be courted by William. Back to what I said before about Royce's and Olivia's discussion. I seriously hope that his missing her over-rides any other feelings and he can just kiss her and forget about all that's happened for now. I doubt that will happen though so I just hope that Royce will hear Olivia out and maybe those three little words Royce told himself about his wife might come out in their arguement and change how the whole night goes? Maybe? Hopefully? Yes? Gah! I can't wait for the next update! LET'S GO NEXT WEEKEND! Get here fast!

Thanks for the congrats BTW.

Oh and I'm guessing that those pearls Royce got Olivia are now forgotten... sigh...
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