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9/3/2011 c29 Dancing In A Flowerfield
(screams at a high pitched frequency) THEY WERE SO CLOSE!

Okay I've gotten that out of my system. Once again I love you're writing and I really can't wait until next week already. I knew this was going to happen with Royce and Olivia with forgiveness and everything, but I wish I could've lasted until the next chapter,but I do understand why it has to be.

I feel so bad for Georgiana and C. Stratton it almost makes me want to hate Royce! But then you know Royce comes back and says one thing and then its all forgiven.

I feel like I rambled a lot, but that's probably from lack of sleep. Ah well.
9/3/2011 c29 4White Alchemist
oooh, what does Royce want with Olivia? *giggles*
8/29/2011 c28 staleesha
Awesome chapter. =D

Can't wait till Royce comes back. =)

Georgiana and Captain Stratton will make a great couple.

I just hope Royce won't be a brat about it.

8/27/2011 c28 Liley
It was a very good chapter ^^

But i want more of Royce and Olivia (my favorite couple):P
8/27/2011 c28 mylittleprincess
update please.
8/27/2011 c28 5lukas10
I KNEW IT! I KNEW STRATTON WAS THE ONE! i believe i say that before!

and haha georgina is such a lady... but they are on love! and oh god whe is royce coming back? don't tell me you are going to make him back just when they are both at the ball... oh my god.. yuo are going to do that right? he'll be back at the ball and he'll lose it and will almost kill olivia for not obeying his wishes about his sister... and they fight and DRAMA! oh lord..

BUT GEORGI IS IN LOVE! but shit... royce will not like this... or or or he'll be back before the ball and g won't show up and then stratton will believe olivia lied to him and things will get so complicated! and royce will know that stratton loves his sister and he'll freak out take out a gun and shoot everyone and himself! oh my,,, hahaha no no that won't happen but i bet olivia will suffer the most. Georgi might be heartbroken but damn, olivia will have to deal with an hurricane... because he'll try to apologize.. buying her flowers? seriously? and diamonds and when he's back... damn...

but i knew it was the captain! i knew it! for chapters already! wuuujuuu

ok now, let's do the warining for the next chapter:

warning warning... the duke might shoot olivia. take a safe distance between yourself and the screen because if you're too close, you might get shoot as well :P

hahaha ook ok before my heart actually stops by thinking how hell will brake on ch. 29, i'll send you the review because i could keep going and going... and.. well you know :P

later :3

keep on the excellent writting

8/27/2011 c28 8GermanSam
Aw, poor Georgiana! I knew as soon as she said Lord Huntley was married that it was Captain Stratton! I just knew Georgiana liked one of them. Oh, it's so sweet! It's almost a forbidden love type deal! I can't wait until Royce comes back! I seriously hope that since he now realizes he loves his wife and because of Henry (Go Henry!) he forgives her for what she's done and he can see some reason. I would hate for them to get into a fight just as he returns home. I have the strangest feeling that Royce will come home after Olivia and Georgiana leave for the ball and then he'll be there when they both return angrier than ever before. I hope he just sees his wife and his anger melts away though! Sigh...I want them to just love each other so badly! Why can't Royce just relax? I feel like he's too stressed out. If he would talk to his wife, then he would realize how much he missed her and that she loves him too! Gah, I love this story so dang much! I don't want it to end but I also want them to be together! Update really soon! I don't want to have to wait another week!

Oh an yes, the traffic school was because of my ticket but I went to that to cancel the ticket out. So now I don't get points on my license or anything like that. Now it's like it never happenes. Haha!

Love love love love love love love love this story! Can't wait for Royce and Olivia to be reunited though I have a feeling it won't be the passionate reunion I'm hoping for. Sigh...
8/27/2011 c28 5marzmez
I foresee fireworks in the next chapter... especially if Royce Returns soon.

Here are a couple things you might think about changing (corrections will be in[]:

"We`ll be attending the Strafford`s ball tomorrow night. Perhaps you can see her then and have a word with her. Of course, I will be present since I don`t want a replay[repeat](the reason is that the word "replay" makes you think of a tape or CD which of course they didn't have pack then. Just a suggestion) of what I saw minutes ago. Georgiana has a reputation to uphold, after all."

"I won`t tell Royce anything." She closed the door behind her and made her way over to Georgiana`s bed. "The captain explained everything to me. You should know that I wouldn't do anything that would ruin any chance of you gaining happiness—but you should be lucky[feel fortunate] that [it wasn't] someone other than me saw the two of you embracing."

Good chapter! Keep up the good work.
8/27/2011 c28 1Susan Holt
Such a lovely story! I like the flow and the characters. I know Olivia sometimes can actually get on my nerves but then again, I'm thinking, she's a spoiled girl from the 1800's, it's the only way she could be reacting.

I like Royce's stubborness that can actually be put aside sometimes and allow his tender side to show up. He's also quite sexy... yes, my mind does get tot he gutter sometimes. :)

Wonderful story!
8/27/2011 c28 Dancing In A Flowerfield
Once again this chapter was awesome. I'm still rooting for Georgiana and William. It really is awesome how you have the couple that technically is together, who didn't really want to be together,(well they did, but then they didn't and now they really do) and then the couple who want to be together, but they can't.

Anyway I loved it!

Lily S.
8/27/2011 c28 1OneChance
Amazing, as usual. I love your writing style, and cannot wait to see what happens when Royce comes home! Hopefully he won't bring any flowers...
8/27/2011 c28 4White Alchemist
:)) Aww, at least Georginia is opening up to her.
8/22/2011 c27 Guest
i'll make this short because i really have to get back to work right now.. so :P

here it starts...

he loves her! HE LOVES HER! he just admited he loves her! oh my! her is going to be so pissed... why? why do you do this to me! you are going to brake my heart! he is going to be livid... when he comes back... which is not going to be soon apparently! but then... he'll see that georgi is happier than she has ever been since her mother past... and now.. she will be called on... and he is going to kill olivia,,, but i believe he somehow will see it.. or maybe georgina will defend her "sister"? and royce will slowly accept it? mmm...

and olivia ca't stop thinking about royce.. and both of them thinks the other doesn't care!

will he be the first o saying the l word or she?

ohhh i want to know!

somehow i bet it will be olivia... because royce already took the inniciative before... but even if she says it i'm not sure if royce will believe her...

ohh he is so going to freak out...

so i believe i'll read you next week, hhopefully :P if not, well take your time but try not to give me a heart attack with the next chapter... :3

later :3

8/21/2011 c27 Daily Beauty
I am very excited for the next chapter. I wonder what will Royce do when he finally finds out what Olivia did. (evil laugh)
8/21/2011 c26 5lukas10
i'm sorry it took me this long to review but damn i was in shock! did that seriously happen?

oh dear i don't know what to think! is royce really stupid or what? because after everything! they freaking slep together! i mean, oh god they did... you should write that part, seriously because without it it's like there's something missing.

but anyway, he must have known that she hasn't been with any other man than him... and he hardly believes in her. and damn, he must be really jealous about ainsworth because she already told him they don't have an affair... she had already explain!

and he is blind also! he doesn't see that georgina despites olivia...

and he is gone now... to what? get drunk and do whores? seriously? and and and...she is gone also! oh my god, royce will have an attack when he realizes he is being stupid and comes back to find olivia away also!

you are certainly killing me!

i'm sorry again, it took me this long. i just started college again, and well, its a bitch.. and i was still thinking what to write about this! ther is so much more i want to say! because seriously! what is royce oging to do? isolated her from the world jsut ot be his sex slaves? so no man could steal her away?

it's his fault anyway... and that kiss, ha it's hilarious.. who would know royce would be so jealous about it... uhuhu i know i knew! but still, they need to comunicate more...and he needs to chillax and let her be a little more...

i still have the next chapter to read :P so till there... i'l try not to take this long again :3
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