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8/21/2011 c27 4Garneau
Man, I love this story.

You may think I might be just saying this but I get really excited when I see that you've updated.

So Olivia is cracking Georgiana but her actions probably will have their consequences when Royce finds out.

I've probably asked this before, after this will you be writing a new story or are you going to do your steamy rewrites first. I think either way I will be happy.

Until next time, which will probably be your next update not mine (:/) but anyway, can't wait

8/21/2011 c27 4White Alchemist
(from your reply) You're welcome! ^^ Royce finally realized his love for his own wife! :))) I am so happy! If only he'd let Georginia out... ^^ Olivia must need that courage to persuade that man of hers! XDDD
8/20/2011 c27 5marzmez
Very good chapter! I'm trying to think of something constructive to say, but nothing is jumping out at me. All I can think to say is well done.
8/20/2011 c27 mylittleprincess
awesome!update soon please.
8/20/2011 c27 8GermanSam
I had traffic school today (long story) but anyway that was four hours of me stuck in a classroom with no phone priviledges. So during breaks I read as much as I could on my phone. This chapter was so sweet! I like the 'sister' bonding thing! I'm glad that Royce's sister is warming up to Olivia. I suspected that Georgiana liked William or the other one whose name escapes me. I want Georgiana to marry who she wants to too so hopefully Royce listens to his wife. I hope that Royce isn't too mad with Olivia that she let Georgiana go out! I actually thought Royce would be at the house when they got back more mad then ever.

AND ROYCE! Oh my goodness! He loves her, he loves her, he really really loves her! That last part was so freaking adorable! And no Royce, Olivia won't laugh at you once you tell her! Tell her! Tell her! Tell her! She loves you too! Aw, so sweet! I can't wait until he returns and they are reunited! :D I love this story so so so much!
8/20/2011 c27 staleesha
This was a really good chapter. =D

I'm actually starting to like Georgiana.

As for Royce, hm... =) That was really interesting.

Can wait for the next update. =D

8/20/2011 c27 Dancing In A Flowerfield
I just read this whole story all the way through today and it's awesome! I really like the little backround love stories, I guess that's what you would call them, still sounds weird, anyway I'm getting off track. I loved Emma and Henry and now Georgiana and Captain Stratton. So keep writing and I love the story!

Lily S.
8/20/2011 c2 cosmopolitan
sry finally noticed the openning portion on this story and realized that yes she is...i've been so confused for ages, it all makes sense now aahaha
8/20/2011 c1 cosmopolitan
quick question: is the olivia from this story supposed to be eleanor from the deb?
8/20/2011 c27 Genato
was that a double post? THANK YOU. i think it would have been better if royce described olivia as beautiful instead of pretty. and there could have been more denial on royce's part to make it more believable. :) BUT I'M LIKING THESE TURNS OF EVENTS and THANKS FOR THE UPDATE NOW UPDATE SOME MORE. :))
8/14/2011 c26 wemdybizure
Why! Why? Why would u go and ruin a good book. I was really looking forward to reading the intimate scenes after the the previous good ones and then you turn around and make excuses on how u will do a re-write in a few months. God!
8/13/2011 c26 mylittleprincess
update update update update update update update update
8/13/2011 c26 4Garneau

I wish I was as efficient as you when it comes to updating!

Great chapter, I can see where you want to steam up some of the chapters hahaha. Maybe for more prudish people (not me though), you could post a separate version of Dueling the Duke because it is so good as a young adult and undoubtedly it would be great as an adult novel.

I am confused by why the duke would possibly want to keep his wife isolated. Yes there is the whole scandalous aspect of their marriage but it seems there is something more. And the situation with Georgiana- poor Olivia, it doesn't seem like things are going to change any time soon.

Can't wait forth next update,

8/13/2011 c26 Liley
LOVE this story!

First time i read this kind of historique story (about aristocrat, dukes etc)

I find it really interesting. ^^
8/13/2011 c26 AbbeyXD
Oooh that was unexpected! lol go Olivia! I'm kinda mad at Royce right now though! and Georgiana! Grrrr! hate her! :D
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