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for Dueling the Duke

8/13/2011 c26 8GermanSam
Oh you're so right! I both like and hate this chapter! I shouldn't say like, pardon me. I love this chapter! Royce is just a plan doll! He was so sweet to Olivia and so nice to her. And the fact that they did the deed was really sweet too. You made it quite a romantic scene and it was adorable especially since Olivia was so shy the next morning. And then comes the hate...dangit Olivia! She has to ruin everything, I swear! Haha, no it's not her fault totally. I understand both her and Royce's points of view though I'm not entirely sure who I agree with, I just know that they shouldn't fight! It's so sad! I really hope that Royce went there from business and not to get away from his lovely wife. I really hope that he wouldn't dream of cheating on her! Sigh...it's horrible! Please, Royce come back or send her a romantic letter or something but don't let her get away. I also wonder what's up with the Ainsworths since I fell in love with them first. Anyway, I couldn't wait for this chapter and I wasn't disappointed but now you should update asap!

P.S. Is Olivia ever going to tell anyone about her being allergic to flowers? I mean, you mention it constantly and I was just curious as to if she was going to tell Royce or not? Just curious!

Great chapter! I love it overall but Royce is stubborn and stupid and should come back to Olivia just as Olivia should stop being equally stubborn and listen to whatever Royce has to say so they can live happily ever after and pop out like a million babbies! Yes, that summed up my entire review in one sentence. Haha! :D
8/13/2011 c26 staleesha
Great chapter. =)

Although, there wasn't much details as I would've liked. ;)

But totally fine, otherwise.

And I see =D Olivia's back, with her defying everybody, and stuff.

So excited to read the next update. =D

8/13/2011 c26 4White Alchemist
So Royce was up to something! He didn't trust Olivia that well! :) Another problem to deal, AE Kubo! But it's still going well. :D
8/9/2011 c25 3happyflowers0729
What? Only 7 chapters that so sad :'(. Good chapter, though. Can't wait to read the rest.:D
8/9/2011 c25 5lukas10
you can thank me properly tonight!

it's kinda funny because i would have swear Olivia would have had an heartattack if she hear those words again...

sadly, he is such a mood killer... seriously i mean, i know he cares for his little sister and he only wants her happy and marry her to a man that will be good for her... i wonder when he will notice that there are to of them standing right beside her? or is he does he jsut know that there won't be someone just good enough for her so he keeps her isolated so that he can be that man for her? (in a brotherly way of course)

but i like that olivia is starting to act all motherly around her.. or whne it's about her... and oh oh oh i see the future! olivia is going to fight for her happiness, and that way making royce really mad and for him able to see that her sister is madly in love.. with.. oh i haven't decded yet which one but mmm, god i think i have to reread it for the third time to get his name... anyway... she is going to get the idea of wanting her happy and try to get her happy. and that way... even if royce hates the idea of her getting farther and farther away from him.. i know he feels like he is losing her... but he will.. or he will really close to, unless he heards olivia's wise words... which he probably will kiss away...

i like how he tries not to lose his temper around her... but for some reason, i think she just lsot all the interested she had to bed him tonight... ok that might be quite impossible... but still.

they might get slowly on their way to but i'm pretty sure this georgina's fights will be happening often... th only thing i hate about royce is that even if they are married and he wants her now in his life and loves and all... he simply shut off olivia everytime it is about georgina.. i don't like it.. and i bet olivia doesn't. it's like he is trying to convice her that he really loves her ad really wants her to be a part of his life / heart, but then he doesn't hear her out about that as if it wasn't her concerned at all...

he just won't hear it... even if it's best for georgi.

sorry i'm rambling again...

and sorry it took me this long, i had been kinda busy, i actually read the chapter twice since you post it but i didn't know what exactly to write because there are so many things i could ramble about...

maybe olivia will try to get close to G, so that way find a way to make her happy? with huntley or stratton? or somehow?

you tell me..

i dunno... but knowing olivia she might...

got i want some ice cream and and and and brownies, yes that would be nice... :3

so.. i'll go get some of that.. and you'll write next chapie? great deal huh?



because if i don't shut the hell up i won't stop writting so, until soon

8/6/2011 c25 amorina
brilliant update. Can't wait till you update. I only had one problem with this chapter and it's probably due to the fact that i'm a feminist ,but i hated the fact that olivia was so meek/ feared to speak her mind against Royce. (but i know that due to the time period, women were "inferior" to men)
8/6/2011 c25 4Garneau

Things have certainly changed in the Sutherland household.

I like how you are maintaining some of the tension an plot with Georgiana and her brother's over protectiveness.

As always this was writing so well. Effortless to read and inevitable to enjoy.

With only five chapters left I am sad to see this end. I hope you will write another story, whether it is in a different genre or the same Austen sort of era, I am sure it will be exceptional. Until next time,

8/6/2011 c25 mylittleprincess
love love love love this chapter mooore please
8/6/2011 c25 hkxxx
i love your story so much!

i really enjoy royce's sweet side and i really do hope his relationship with his sister improves.

keep up the good work and update soon!
8/6/2011 c25 5marzmez
Ok, now I'm peeved at Royce. He doesn't know what he's doing with his sister. Olivia is right in that respect. *sigh* Congrats of finishing the first draft!
8/6/2011 c25 8GermanSam
Aw! I say that for many reasons.

One: Royce was a plain sweetheart in this chapter. He was so cute and romantic and he's starting to actually like Olivia. It's so adorable how he likes to watch her and kiss her and oh! He is just adorable! I knew he would come around evetuanlly and I'm so glad he did. He was so 'aw' in this chapter.

Two: Poor Georgiana! She never gets to go out and Royce is holding her back (another aw moment for him when he controlled his temper around Olivia). I feel bad that she has basically no friends. I do hope Olivia can get closer to her and hopefully make her life a little bit more livable. Sigh...poor girl.

And that's it for the 'aw's. I'm so happy you've finished. Congrats by the way! I can't wait to read all of it and finally have the story all together! I've got about seven more weeks it seems! I also can't wait to see what else you will be working on! I just love your writing! 3

Update soon? Maybe? Please?
8/6/2011 c25 2leeleopold
Yep, as expected, I loved this chapter! I just adore this particular side of Royce - you didn't abandon his character or anything, but you let his guard down a little, which makes his character even more likeable. And as for Olivia, I love her too, despite her flaws. After all, flaws make it more realistic. I noticed too how she matured some throughout your story, especially during married life, but you still kept her character true which is admirable. Can't wait for the next chapter!

p.s. And yes, I'll have to try that technique of yours to put aside time each day and write 500 words. (I'm very picky when writing so it takes me forever to update lol)
8/6/2011 c25 1OneChance
Amazing, as always! You are an exceptional writer!
8/6/2011 c25 4White Alchemist
I enjoyed the latest chapter! :" He was so sweet, but I'm not sure if he's telling the truth♥. :)
8/6/2011 c25 staleesha
I think I'm the first reviewer. =P

Anyway, that was really sweet of him. =D

I hope Olivia warms up to him soon.

It's funny how the tables are turned this time. =)

Anyway, I'm really sad this has 7 more chapters left. ='(

I honestly want it to be longer. =P

Anyway, I'm hoping for more action in the next chapter? ;D

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