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8/5/2011 c24 2leeleopold
haha aw, I thought I reviewed for the last two chapters, but I guess I forgot :P I'm stoked for the next update and I'm wondering where he's gonna take her. I love Royce 'cause I love a real man, ya know? He's a REAL man and it makes his character a 1000 times more appealing. This story is just too sweet and I hope the next update will be very soon. Awesome writing and thank you for writing this story. I hate when good stories go unappreciated because people who don't write don't understand how long it takes to write and edit chapters. There's a LOT of work required when writing, and the fact that you update regularly is a blessing. I myself am not one of those people who can update each week (heck, I'd be lucky to update my stories once a month!), so I think it's really cool that you're dedicated to this story because it's just too good to stop.

That's all I really have to say and again, can't wait for the next chapter becuase I know it's gonna be good, especially when the relationship between Royce and Olivia is going down the right path.
8/2/2011 c24 1QuirkyDebutante
Nice chappie .

Like it .

Hope she falls in love with each other and hope that Royce become really kind to her .
7/31/2011 c24 mylittlePRINCESS
moooore please and fast!
7/31/2011 c24 yunique
aww it's nice to see a nicer side to Royce :)

can't wait to see where he is taking her
7/30/2011 c24 Jae
Loved The Debutante. Love this one even more. (: Update!
7/30/2011 c24 amorina
brilliant update. i like how Olivia was afraid of Royce,but she is slowly warming up to him. The ending scene was cute. Royce was so considerate. I can't wait til the next update.
7/30/2011 c24 3happyflowers0729
Whoo! I'm the 200th reveiw! This is a great chapter and I can't wait until the next one!
7/30/2011 c23 happyflowers0729
GOOD CHAPTER:) I love it that even though he hates her he's so considerate. Not many men are like that.
7/30/2011 c24 5lukas10
oh sweet GRACE! he has just make a 360 turn... she is so confuse is kinda funny. she is afraid of him but at the same time, can't help it but keep being in love with him...

she does, i know, deep inside... she wouldn't get thos feelings if not...

ohh and she is going to put priscilla in her place... she has her mothers character after all...

and the duke, oh royce... how lovely of you to try to bed her after trying to force yourself on her the night before... at least he is a smart boy, hot sexy gentleman... that know finally wants her in his life... oh yeah! there you go...! he knows now.. that he has to woo her... oh it won't be so difficult... nah who i'm kidding.. knowing your writting... you are going to make me suffer a little longer. i wodner how will he do to gain her trust again? he has to show her that is just not an arrangment that he wants. he wants a real marriage... oh hilarious..she is the one who came with this stupid idea of treaking him into marriage... he hated the idea... but the first day they met, he knew that he wouldn't find a better girl to fit as his wife... but then he rejected her.. and now.. he wants her.. again...

now the question is.. how long will it take..? how much work of his part? if i were olivia... i would not know what to do..

i imagine her one day entering his bedchambers... hahaha as if... because aparently he'll sleep with her... from now on in the same bed? he sure as hell meant every word by saying he wanted her to get use to having him around... but i don't know why.. but... have the feeling that it will be her that starts the whole 'i'll be yours tonight' thingy.. becuase if i were him... i wouldn't try anythign on her... in that way...

maybe some kisses...

hot kisses

really hot steamy kisses... hahaha but that is just me... show her a little passion darling.. foreplay! it might help you a lot royce... HAAHAH

ok ok ok , i'm rambling now.. and it's kind of weird... i'm talking to a fictional character... like directly... so... i'm going to leave now... because if not.. i'll spend the rest of the day writting about the many things he could do to perseuade olivia to love him... but i will not.. because... it's your job and not mine..so surprise me!

i really hope you get teh next chapter asap.

gahhh i want to know what will happen!

i bet she'll smile when she wake up with royce holding her... she'll believe she's dreaming.. something like that...

i dunno.. god you kill me, seriously"

and i'm rambling again...

fine fine

bye bye



ps: did i ask you to marry me already?
7/30/2011 c24 8GermanSam
This chapter was just so darn cute! Even with Olivia being all unsure about everything. Royce is just a sweetheart at heart! I mean even though he became more closed off after the death of parents he still has those morals of a good gentleman. It's really nice. I do wonder however how Royce feels about all this? Does he get excited that she is allowing his presense or is he annoyed that she isn't quick to accept him into her life. I think it's the first thing. That just seems more like Royce. Ah, I can't wait until they actually fall in love with each other. It seemed that Olivia already did and yet not she isn't. Hmmm...

And dang right I'm your biggest fan! I'm willing to fight anyone who would like to think differently! Bring it on!

I can't wait for the next chapter. This wait slowly kills me yet whenever the new chapter comes it fills me with life so I can go on for the next week! Good luck on the next project you're working on (as I saw on Twitter)! :)
7/30/2011 c24 staleesha

That was AWESOME.

I'm so happy Royce is warming up to her!

They are extremely adorable. =D


Anyway, I gotta tell you though...

I woke up Saturday , and totally logged on to see this chapter first thing in the morning. =P

Keep it up!


I hope this novel never ends. =D

Or I won't have anything to look forward to in the weekends. =)

7/30/2011 c24 AbbeyXD
aw cute! Royce is finally showing her that he cares! yay! :D
7/30/2011 c24 4White Alchemist
Aww :) that was sweet

Nice one! They're improving a little bit.
7/25/2011 c23 poohbear93
LOVED this chapter! I like how Royce stopped himself before he advanced further onto Olivia and is starting to care for her. I feel like this is a turning point in their relationship and hopefully next chapter will be a turning point as well.

I really do hope they grow more friendly and loving around each other because it's sad to have a loveless marriage. Also, with Olivia wanting the annulment, I hope Royce and even Olivia starts to realize that his title means nothing to her without love. I felt like Olivia acted more mature throughout this chapter and I want to see more of it - first with explaining herself to Priscilla, second with holding the baby, and third with ignoring/rejecting Royce. I kinda don't want Olivia to give into temptation this soon because I feel like, if they do 'it' then their relationship will go no where because in order to make love, there needs to be love.

So yeah! lol. Like I said before, I love your chapter and I also enjoy how realistic you make these characters for your time period. You also use excellent grammar and diction to further convey the setting which makes it easier to read since the flow is near perfection.

Anyways, awesome job and hopefully there will soon be an update? Have a good week, girl :)
7/24/2011 c23 amorina
brilliant update. I can't wait for more. please update soon. I hope Ethan and Priscilla don't stop talking to Olivia. And i hope Royce starts wooing Olivia soon. BTW right now i don't like Georgina at all. I hope she doesn't cause more problems between royce and olivia
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