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11/21/2016 c3 15maskedhero100
So far this is a very interesting read.

It feels like i'm reading an anime of sorts.

The concept of a "Space Train" as a way to leave earth to explore other worlds like a train travels to stations is an intriguing plot device.

You seem to be setting it up as your characters "Golden Ticket" as it were.

I'm eager to see what happens before we get to the end.
8/28/2014 c17 1The Time Traveler
I read this whole thing and from beggining to end it was wonderful. :) Interesting concept a Space Train. You did a good job on this. Nice job.
4/8/2011 c13 Grace
i am honestly loving this so much. ive spent all day looking for something to interest me and then i stumbled upon this. it's truly fantastic. please please continue soon.

Grace x
4/1/2011 c12 a99515
Home? Going home? What of the poor shelter? what a clefhanger ending. You are doing good
4/1/2011 c11 a99515
Now I have read the last two chapters we the readers learn that the people at the shelter are given a new life to live and Rica and Addie are friends now will addie travel on the space train? stay tuned readers
3/21/2011 c8 a99515
Well hear we are again with delightfull story chapter that is well written and it shows. All the readers that pass up this story will mess out on a good read.
3/19/2011 c7 a99515
Well we are off and running, the reader now has a good idea about what is going on but no idea where he is going. So take us with you, I for one can't wate for the next chapter.
3/15/2011 c6 a99515
Awesome writeing! So as the world turns so do the days of or lives!
3/15/2011 c3 a99515
Well you have me hooked on this story I'll have to read it to its ending. :)
3/15/2011 c1 a99515
Nice and full of info Keep it up:)
2/27/2011 c1 8sincerelyalexes
Great lead in

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