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for Days With Desmond

12/25/2011 c2 1Idontgiveacare
1 more year to live...
12/23/2011 c28 CrystalGW34
Although I am sad to see that you're taking a break from this story I understand your reasons why. I'll go and give your new story a read. :)
12/22/2011 c28 2I-am-happy
O.O That's not nice. I thought I should let you know I'm mad. This is one of the only stories that keep me happy in my screwed up world. D:
12/22/2011 c28 2LDS Dreamer
Aw! Well, if you lost interst in it then I can't really blame you for not wanting to write it. And I will deffinately go read your new story. :)
11/8/2011 c27 broken-pixie
Love, love, LOVE IT! Man, I feel like I say that a lot for this story :) But it's true. Great chapter, as usual. And, like always, can't wait for you to update again. Ciao!
10/29/2011 c27 13angellover254
I Really hope Desmond live past this, so he can get to see the twins :) But I'm glad Desmond mother is now helping them with everything! Update when you can!
10/29/2011 c27 3Brightheart
amazing chapter.
10/27/2011 c27 MITCHIESHANELUVR124
nice! keep going!
10/27/2011 c27 2LDS Dreamer
Does Desmond die? I don't want him to, but he's going to have to huh?
10/27/2011 c27 CrystalGW34
I hope he will get to see the twins. Better yet, I hope he doesn't die. I was shocked, but happy to see that his mom came around. They're going to need her help. I just hope that Michelle's parents will let their anger go and be there as well. Glad to see that they finally got a place of their own. Can't wait to read more. Please update when you can. :)
10/26/2011 c27 Aamna
GAH. I don't want the story to end :( but i guess it has to if somebody may possibly die. Is is gonna be a sad or happy ending? Update sonn :)
10/26/2011 c27 Esperanza12
YAy! I love it :)
10/15/2011 c24 17Lady of romance world88
Loved this chapter and please update soon.

By the way, I publish new story yesterday and can you check it out please? Thanks :) xx
10/15/2011 c23 Lady of romance world88
Hi. I am sorry to take me so long to read this story because I was so busy with my assignmrnts.

Now I am free for awhile. Yay! I really loved this chapter :)
10/13/2011 c25 CeruleanStars
TBH, this story is getting too complicated for me to continue reading on. I enjoyed the prequel but this just screams cliche. and the fact that everyone seems to have forgotten that his life is ending soon. shouldn't they be doing better things seriously?
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