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for Days With Desmond

9/13/2011 c24 broken-pixie
Amazing chapter. Emotion overload - you don't want to upset a pregnant woman, especially if he's expecting more than one. It's understandable that Desmond wanted to hang out with friends, but he really didn't need to do what he did, like the scarcastic purposal, that was ind of mean. So, can't wait to see how this argument turns out. Love your writing :)
9/12/2011 c24 Esperanza12
Noo! They fought. :( But I understand. You're trying to make it reallistic, and I admire that. Please make them get back together! And soon! Update soon please!
9/11/2011 c24 1Atramento
aww cute. hope it all goes well for you and your crush.
9/11/2011 c24 Admins Pls Delete Me
Sorry but I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to guys. Haha, seriously, i have no clue what that means. But leaning towards the possibility that Brandon either likes Sierra or JUST likes her as a friend. it could go either way...

So anyways...OH! They had a fight! Yikes...and I wish she didn't run to Jay! That guy is just bad news to me...

Keep up the good work and good luck with your crush :)!
9/11/2011 c24 3Brightheart
love the chapter. can't wait to see what happens next esp. between desmond and jay.

is sierra your real name? is brandon the name of your crush? wow, intense life. i would die for that, but academics is more of my thing. i'm only a freshmen.
9/11/2011 c24 1Hoor-al-Ayn
"I kept my eyes pealed for Kate and Tina as a large group of students filed into the gym." Edit: I kept my eyes PEELED...

Cute story down below!

9/11/2011 c24 13angellover254
Awesome chapter! Urg...I still hate Megan and Casey, their so mean! I really hope Desmond and Michelle make up soon, they don't need to be fighting now :(

I also love the little story you put at the end of this chapter...and I wish you good luck with your crush! I'm rooting for you LOL :)
9/11/2011 c24 7Pan's Grandaughter
Great Chapter! But M. and D. just neeeds to ignore C. and that other girl. Oh, and instead of M. flipping out, maybe she needs to asses the situation in a mature manner and D. needs to take on the role as a mature adult and father. And I think that when D. kicks the bucket, Jay's going to take his place.

To your budding relationship- This is a true story right? And this guy's name is really Brandon? Or did you change the names? because that would be ironic, because I just broke up with a guy named Brandon. Really nice guy, but he cheated twice. Loved him alot though, he was my best friend... But back to you-

You had better not have been mean to Freshmen/women. As secretary of my class, I believe that cruel and innopropriate. Apologise to them all.

Umm... My advise? Your friends will get over you not sitting with them. And your man... oh gosh... even with my supieror intellect and beauty, I am not all that sure what to tell you. Just make sure that you like him and that he is good enough for you before you go and fall in love. So good luck with your man!
9/11/2011 c24 MITCHIESHANELUVR124
wow! keep going!
9/11/2011 c24 1noriepie
I was upset michelle and desmond had a fight. and she turned to Jay!

I don't see this getting any better..:( it's so dismal.

but then you wrote your little crush story and i felt much happier.

Good luck! I'm rooting for ya.
9/11/2011 c24 CrystalGW34
So sorry, but this is going to be a short review. I've had a busy day and it's not over. Just wanted to let you know that I read the chapter and as always loved it. Can't wait to read more of this fantastic story. Update again soon. :)
9/11/2011 c24 2Twistedin2Delusions
She better not kiss or get too friendly with Jay... I would just lose my faith in her. Maybe this is just a hormonal fight.
8/30/2011 c23 2LDS Dreamer
I loved it! I can't wait until the next chapter!
8/30/2011 c23 3Brightheart
really good chapter. can't wait for the next one.
8/29/2011 c23 13angellover254
Well I do understand you, about the school thing that is. School hasn't started for me yet, but it will in like a week, so I know how busy you can be. Anyways as always I liked the chapter, and I'm glad Desmond got the job at the movies. Wow I never knew Jay could be like that! I was sure surprised! I guess now he knows she's pregnant? Lol can't wait for the next chapter, update when you can:)
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