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11/14/2011 c17 n
Next chapter please! I love Nichole. She's so cute.
11/9/2011 c17 26Jensi
Hmmm...interesting conversation but such the wrong person to have it with! I wonder where that will lead.

Great chapter!
10/22/2011 c16 27Princess97
I love the story and emotion so far. Keep it up! Are you in a drama club or something? I was gonna say Broadway star but then i realized this is fiction.
10/20/2011 c16 26Jensi
I still need to do this to my mom. :) Good chapter! She must feel so great doing this and moving beyond her mother, and I wonder how it will affect everything else in her life. I hope that she and Sookie are okay after all of this, and I hope that she finds closure elsewhere. Update soon!
10/20/2011 c16 41chewychester
That was a load of your chest. I hope she really does "fly."
10/14/2011 c15 chewychester
I hope Joseph is her best friend that she is thinking of. ;P
10/14/2011 c15 26Jensi
I despise her mother so much! Go home, girl. That place will smother you to death.

Good job. :)
9/27/2011 c13 Jensi
Saved by the friend...is her name Sookie for any particular reason? ;-) Are you a fan of a TV show perhaps? That could have gone a bit further than she planned had that door not opened. I was all into it and kind of relieved a little, or not.

I miss my boomerang. :(

Great job!
9/27/2011 c13 41chewychester
GReat chapter. I loved all of Joseph's body language and her mind was whirling at 100 mph. I can't wait for another chapter!
9/24/2011 c12 Casperaselle
Great story! I'm obsessed with Stephanie Mitchell. And I feel like I'm in a hanging position. Please, continue writing. Can't wait to read the next chapters! God bless! :)
9/22/2011 c12 chewychester
I love it when the look makes you feel like it is the first time. Aww
9/22/2011 c12 3NorthernDownpour95
9/22/2011 c12 26Jensi
Good for her on calling him out about Nichole knowing or not knowing he was there, despite the fact he really didn't answer. A lot of girls would have gone into that situation a bit differently, and she was strong about it. I am curious to know what happens next. Good job!
8/3/2011 c11 Jensi
I dig the paramore references in this story! Guilty pleasure. :) Cute story and one many of us can relate to, and I am enjoying it. Good job!
8/2/2011 c1 6Krazy Kaisy
The Prologue was very good. It kind of told me what was going on. One big issue is that some of the sentences didn't make sense. It was obvious that you didn't proof read it yourself or have someone do it for you. You should really try to proof read every chapter. Some people don't like reading stories that they have to correct grammar. For example,

"The weeks passed by slowly. I kept waiting for that'good morning, i love you' text message, but it ever came."

It should say " but it never came" not "but it ever came"

(First sentence of last paragraph)

So from now on, try to be more careful when you type. And always proof read.
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