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4/18/2021 c24 Guest
Read this first years ago. One of my favorite stories on this site. Anytime I hear blackbird bu the Beatles now my first thought is this story. Can't even begin to tell you how often I think about this whole story. Incredible, excellent writing. If you ever publish this, please add an update to let us know. I would buy a copy in a heartbeat.
3/7/2021 c24 Acrimony27
Hey SweetUnknown,
Your yearly review from me, as I am once again thankful that this fic is still up. I can’t even count how many times I’ve re-read this fic over the past 7 years, but honestly it still gives me the same warm fuzzy feelings as when I first read it way back when in 2013. Flawless. Truly. I was wondering if you ever had additional head canons about these 2 anymore? Ficlets that wouldn’t have necessarily progressed the story along but little scenes of their relationship (like Crispin’s reaction to Kate being pregnant, or drunk!Kate, or drunk!Crispin). I wouldn’t even know how to react if you ever decided to release anything like that (in the best way ofc). Again, just really grateful you wrote this and continue to leave it up for free access , bc it has cheered me up on many a glum afternoon 3 Hope you’re doing well, wherever you are and whatever life is seeing you through x
12/29/2020 c2 Nevermore1331
okay long shot here, i am looking for the Author i want to buy this or send money to her to see if she's willing to publish her works i have read this story some times more then once a year some times twice, no idea if she still comes here butt im trying to find her real name to see i just want my own copy
9/14/2020 c24 brinda.ale
Hello there!
I know you may be not using this account or otherwise but just wanted to say that I am so grateful that you decided to write this and share it with us.
It’s one of my best fiction to read ever and i do have read it multiple times and how many times i have read it, it always gives me that warmth
I really like Kate and Crispinus but I love Hade and Persephone as well
I like those roman or greek idk tidbits so much
They just make this extraordinary story more exciting and enjoyable
Thankyou so much. Hope wherever you are You are healthy and happy
12/2/2019 c24 Guest
Oh, this was lovely! Thank you for sharing with us.
5/17/2019 c2 Acrimony27
Just a little message to say that this story has remained one of my all time favourites since I first read it way back in 2012. Time and again when I’m having a rubbish day or am I’m need of some cuddles and fluff I come back and read this story. And every time I find it I am so glad you havent taken it down. The characters have such a lovely, believable, tender relationship. I also always imagine Crispin to look like Simon Baker (as he was in Something New). Will never tire of this story and I love not only the main romance but your interpretation of Persephone and Hades too. Thank you for the best pick-me-up that never fails 3
4/15/2019 c24 Imwaiting4myAliceandEdward
This is easily a favorite story. The romance, history, adventure, and god mythology is extremely well written for this fiction. Thank you so much for sharing!
2/13/2019 c24 zagato
Thank you for this wonderful story!
2/13/2019 c22 zagato
A Vestal will free Crispinus, but Scipio must sacrific his life for him. A life for a life.
2/13/2019 c19 zagato
Is Crispin going to Kate's time? If he's condemned to death in ancient Rome, they can't continue living there. Thanks.
2/12/2019 c12 zagato
This is lovely, I like Hades and Persephone, thank you!
2/12/2019 c2 zagato
This seems bittersweet but beautiful, simply because there is a gladiator in the story and a heroine with a tragic history. Thank you!
1/25/2019 c24 Venita Garner
This story made me cry! It was more than terrific and I love all of the characters, too! Well done and now I've read it twice!
1/1/2019 c24 Guest
Oh my God! This was an AMAZING STORY! Like the best of the best stories here on Fictionpress for me. This was a totally epic read :) Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
9/16/2018 c24 Guest
I always come back to this story, years and years later i always remember when in rome and always re read it. This is one of the most beautiful stories ive ever read and i just fell in love with the characters. Super sad to see the epilogue gone but i really hope you publish this book, i will definitely buy it!
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