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2/5/2004 c1 28Diana Shore
That was bit corny, but I liked it. Made me smile.
3/12/2003 c1 7Shelti M
Oh, cool. I suppose this takes place in the future, but it still speaks to me, a creator. I guess it speaks to all of us who have felt the need to create, like we're not whole without it. I understand. What a deep and philosophical story this truly is.
11/3/2002 c1 8Posi
UTOPIA! Ok, I'll shut up now. Seriously, this is one of the cooler ideas for an ideal society that I've ever seen: creation=waste. I mean, you could actually argue for that. But it's sooooo noooot truuuue! I LOVE your writing!
10/25/2002 c1 24Lux's Confusion
ok the end wasn't as dramatic as i hoped it would be but you got your point across very well. go you man, all my love uot to artists everywhere!

great story, you have my respect...

7/19/2002 c1 24Tara Cools
WOW! This is just wonderful! The point of view was wonderful, the story had a unique originality behind it. *sniff* it's sad in a way too. this story is awesome! keep writing!

*a very pleased Tara Cools*
6/12/2002 c1 34Sparkles-Chan
Cool. Very Fahrenheit 451-ish, but still very different. You are an awesome writer.
5/4/2002 c1 122Mistress Jakira
Oh dear Lord. That has got to be one of the BEST things I have ever read! It was so appalling...but in the same way that "The Giver" was (by Lois Lowry, in case you haven't heard of it). This story is a lot like "The Giver" in many ways...but *sshh* I think I like this one better. It says so much about human nature and the need to "create" as you called it. :) Your diction and vocabulary were immaculate, and I didn't even see any spelling/grammar errors (I'm obsessive-compulsive when it comes to that, lol). This story scared the hell outta me (if you don't mind the term) but I absolutely adored it. The beginning draws the reader in somehow; the main character(s), plot, and setting were all amazing; and the end was absolutely magnificent-the last three lines were the best part! This is absolutely spectacular! If I were you, I'd publish this somewhere (and keep all the rights *sneers at world of greedy people*)! Thanks so much for posting, I've got to put this into my favorite stories!

And by the way...you said once that you "owed me" a lot of reviews...but please, don't think of it that way. :) I review your work because I have something to say about it and/or I really really enjoyed it (both of which were the case here!), and I don't expect you to review right back if you don't want to. ^_^ Just so you know that.

Once again, this is wonderful work, and I am so glad you posted it...if you hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to read it, after all. Marvelous! ~[The Now Officially Impressed] Mistress Jakira, Writer of Unnecessarily Long Reviews
4/25/2002 c1 21Dryad
*sniff sniff* now, i really really like this story, its really good. it made me think sorta, u know. this was very well written too! ^_^
4/6/2002 c1 Naeginnie6 unlogged in
That was pretty good. What did they live in a community kind of like, um... Taliban? Not to insult them, but how they have no tv and no gameboys etc.? Thats really kind of nice. I liked it!
3/10/2002 c1 Kris
I love it! Your world makes me sad, though . . . I would go insane if I had to live there. Very well-written - it made me mad at your world, lol. I love the ending.
3/10/2002 c1 12Miss Kiki
Wow, that was really good! It reminds me of Fahrenheit 451. Very well-written. :)
2/24/2002 c1 2Aaren1
Great stuff. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of Bernstein's book Farenheit 451...a little out-of-the-ordinary (but who wants ordinary stuff anyway?) but refreshing nonetheless. Nice.
2/17/2002 c1 32Mackenzie Anderson
sorta creepy.. and it really reminds me of ray bradbury's style, but actually understandable. very well written, and thought provoking.
2/16/2002 c1 7Snowlily
Another wonderful short story! They're all so unique, and just absolutely fantastic! Keep up the great work!
2/14/2002 c1 1Lightbulby
0.0! WOW! My Grandpa and I talked about society coming around to something like this!

Anyhoo! Good story!
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