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4/21/2013 c29 fariswheel
I love it! I wonder why Reese became T.F. Catcher... Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/21/2013 c29 whiteyachts
this was a GREAT chapter and i am so glad to see you back! thank you, thank you, thank you for getting a chapter up-you left us hanging after the dance! :) i thought it was so interesting to hear how many attempts mackie made to reach out to reese and how he continually ignored her (did he?), but then he interacted with her as if nothing had happened when they were back at school. what is going on with him? i hope there is a chance for them to really talk in a future chapter and that all hope is not lost for them. you have such a talent of revealing bits and pieces that will tie everything together but not giving away too much too quickly. of course, i am now anxious again to know what is going to happen, so i'll be looking forward to the surprise you have to share!
4/20/2013 c29 12mirame-99
so it's really... him? it was finally revealed but now there's a new thing we have to figure out: who put up the posters?
i believe it's not reese. no, it's not him nor drew. at first i was thinking it was nicci, but maybe she's telling the truth. ashley, i'm also thinking that it's probably her but i have my doubts. 0.0 ugh!
i almost cried during the poster part!
anyway, i'm glad you're back and this was an awesome chapter!
4/17/2013 c1 CookiesRmyLife
Please update I miss reading this story a heap!
4/6/2013 c28 Anon
I absolutely adore this story! Please update soon!
3/31/2013 c28 1The Purple Penguin of Doom
I have been following your story for months. I absolutely love this. You have made a story so good that I feel heartbroken along with Mackie. I want to write a story but I always have trouble with making my characters gradually fall in love like Mackie and Reese. Could you give me some tips? Thanks! Please update soon!
3/27/2013 c28 KB
I love this story so much! I hope you update soon! :)
3/6/2013 c28 mylittleprincess
Please Update Soon... :)
3/1/2013 c1 Fallingstar123
Hey. Andrew here from Fallingstarawards blogspot. Our very own Karla has reviewed your story. To see for yourself, comment or ask us to take it down go to the above blog or follow the link from our profile page.

Koosie's Gossip, Set, and Match is a great cliche. It's a sweet and lovely story that I really had a great time reading. The bigger story is that of the main character, Mackie the match-maker who lets people know if their crush reciprocates their feelings and thus removes the true meaning of romance, or so Mackie's love interest Reese believes. This disagreement between them is a repeating argument that is never resolved until perhaps the end.

Mackenzie Carwyn is a selfless do-gooder, who's a little headstrong and reckless. She seldom thinks things through properly before action, which leads to questions she can't answer, like why she's locked in a supply cupboard with all the posters she'd help make destroyed behind her. Mackie never thinks of herself, and when she does, she does it in such a roundabout way that makes you want to scream and shout and tear her hair out.

The most enticing thing about GSM isn't it's charm, characters or light-hearted theme; not that all those things aren't great. The thing that really drew me in, was the mystery behind T F Catcher. For once I found a story that was un-predictable. You think you know who it is, you know who you hope it is and yet there's enough mystery woven into the story for you to doubt yourself.

Koosie has made four wonderful, well developed characters. Mackie, Reese, Drew and Mandy. Sure Drew and Mandy are a little cliche but you still end up loving and cheering for them almost as much as Mackie and Reese.
2/19/2013 c28 Fairyfantasy
hey there this is the second story in fp that I'm reviewing because i couldn't just hold are a great writer and i loved how you wrote all the and every character is great and i have to say the whole fairy gossip monger concept is truly interesting.i had read all the chappies a few days back and now i cant wait to know whats coming next so pls pls i beg you pls update fast.
2/7/2013 c3 4ellision
back for chapter three. :D LOOK AT ME GO. i'm actually doing it this time, i promise. haha.

i think it is truly adorable that mackie has no idea that t. f. catcher isn't a fake name. and what if he doessss know who she is? oh the possibilities. can't wait to figure it out.

'"Um, I really didn't? How do you already know about this?" No one was better than Nicci at picking up on the latest gossip, but this was pretty impressive even for her standards.' here, it feels a bit awkward because of the way the sentences are ordered. i would introduce the non-dialog first, then go into the dialog. it feels more natural.

i like the series of newspaper story ideas. it will also provide direction throughout the rest of the story, which a lot of high-school related stories start to lose after the first few chapters.

i enjoyed interaction between mandy and mackie during the waiting in the gym scene. mandy's character is developing quite nicely.

"Mandy interrupted tersely…" you don't need this dialog tag because you introduce mandy at the beginning of the same paragraph with an action. also, the second half of this sentence is also redundant because of her sigh not being dreamy in the first sentence as well.

"besides what cause she was going to exhibit each day…" this part is redundant because of the same description of her when she was introduced in the last chapter. we already know she exhibits a cause every day.

actually, the exchange between the coach and the team is very believable. i played sports throughout college and high school and they are were always encouraging us to do community service, so spot on.

i think that you might need to re-catigorize drewdy's relationship pre-VD-stuff because of how drew actually does hit on her. like, yeah, it gets under her skin, but i think that from the dialog between mackie and maddie on the phone that it sounded more like they both hate each other, which clearly isn't the case. one of them hates the other and the other is just like whatever.

the way that things shifted is also great regarding the way the auction will be set up. can't wait to actually see it happen.

super glad to see mackie reaching out to maddie. i feel like maddie will become even more important later in the story.

great job, and until next time!
2/5/2013 c2 ellision
hey, i'm so sorry that i've been MIA. i left you a review months ago saying i'd leave you an in-depth review of each chapter, but i kind of fell off the face of the earth and resurfaced in another country. haha. yay for moving across the ocean. i just wanted to let you know i'm lurking and in the process of writing reviews for the rest of the chapters and this would be the first one that i owe you!

"When I had selected the topic for my history paper, I thought I had landed myself with a pretty cool topic." there are quite a few sections of text very similar to this one in which it reads awkwardly because of double word usage-here, it's 'topic' in the first clause and 'topic' in the second clause. my suggestion would be to as you're writing, try and pay a bit of attention to the words themselves as they are the things that convey the story. it's totally fine that you have 'topic' in the following sentence, but you could easily vary one of the instances with 'subject' to make it read with more fluidity. (also, if at any point my english stops making sense, i now live in a country where english is not the native language and therefore rarely speak/read/write in it anymore… shame. it's been a month and i feel like i've digressed so much. haha.)

"For a good part of middle school, Mandy was merely known as Panhandy for always jingling coins jars in people's faces. Somehow, schoolchildren cruelty didn't faze Mandy as much as it would have the rest of us as she ended up starting up the school's Philanthropy Club." here, i think you need to be a bit more specific as to which school mandy started up the club in. from the text, it reads middle school. but i believe it's actually high school. like, she did that in middle school, then started up the club in high school. just a minor thing.

"If Mandy was fire, I would say that Drew was her deadly fuel." here, 'was' should be 'were' because this is grammatically a present-contra-factual clause and those always use 'were' instead of 'was', then followed by the 'would', which you have. also, 'deadly fuel' sounds a bit awkward... what about oil? or gasoline? something more concrete that gives the reader a specific idea would help.

"If there was anyone that could keep Drew in check, Mandy was totally up for the job." here, you have two clauses that don't make sense together. also, present-contra-factual again so the first 'was' should be 'were'. it would be more simple to say 'if anyone could keep drew in check, it would be mandy'.

"So when the final bell rand nearly half an hour later..." 'rand' should be 'rang'. minor typo.

i quite enjoyed the exchange between mackie and zach. it felt very realistic and comfortable. good dialog too.

"I quietly took the seat closest where Mandy had stopped me in my tracks." here, you need a 'to' before the where.

"To match her personality, Mandy's choice of clothing was just as outspoken as she was." here, i don't think that 'outspoken' is the right word. being an activist doesn't mean outspoken. something more like philanthropic would work better-or a change in the rest of the paragraph about how she might be more outspoken. because she doesn't feel outspoken from the rest of the paragraph you've written here. it just feel like she's goal-oriented. also, if mandy were outspoken, would she not demand everyone's attention much earlier and therefore there would be no whispering conversations? all of that kind of felt like filler and could have been integrated in after mandy finishes her speech to help the committee formation along, or something. just simple restructuring.

love the build up to the date auction idea. reads quickly and that means it reads fluidly.

i love that maddie knows about mackie's secret. it makes it more fun that she has someone to talk to about it who knows, but isn't directly involved because of distance. can't help but wonder what would happen if maddie visited though. mostly because i think i've read through chapter 10 already, but don't remember it enough to start from there again. haha. oh time, how you disappear.

i would /love/ to see a story where the matchmaker actually fueled a love triangle. that would be interesting. some dark humor.

'"Anyways, guess who's next in line for Fairy Gossipmonger's meddling," I said. Maddie was going to disapprove, but I was bursting to tell someone about my brilliant new plans.
"Mackenzie Carwyn and Zach Bent."' love this. so true to best friends talking. you do dialog very well.

"Darn, maybe Maddie's imitation isn't all that far off." here, the 'darn' feels out of character. not that mackie would swear or something, but the 'darn' just doesn't feel like the right 'cuss' word, if you get my drift.

i really want to know who the email is from. like, i know it's 'the fairy catcher', but AHH. suspense. love.

good job so far! i like how the story unfolds naturally and a bit slow in regards to time, but quickly in regards to reading speed, if that makes sense. the chapters don't feel as long as they are and i can't wait to make time for the next chapter within the next few days. oh the life of a newly relocated college student and how busy you can be.
1/30/2013 c28 Guest
HI! just strumbled across your story. very interesting and funny. can't wait for more. more updates from reese and mackie and drew and mandy but mainly reese and mackie hehe
1/27/2013 c28 iluvhudom
Poor Reese! felt so bad when that happened to him at the dance. And I can't believe he is T. F. Catcher! Pl0ease keep updating! I want to know what happens with Reese and Mackie!
1/21/2013 c28 hopelessromantic0160
I LOVE this story! It is absolutely amazing. Your writing really flows and everything seems planned out. I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see how Mackie and Mandy are going to find their happy ending. Oh and one more thing, how many more chapters do you think there will be? Again, please update soon-I'm on the edge of my chair! :)
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