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1/21/2013 c28 1why-are-you-my-remedy
This has officially become my most favorite Fictionpress story ever. Curse you and your beautiful plot and beautiful characters which need to get married like asap. And by characters I mean Reese/Mackie and Drew/Mandy. Soo glad you updated, can't wait for the next chapter!
1/20/2013 c28 4cumberbarbie
Aaaaahhhh when you said ut would be explosive I did NOT have anything like this in mind! Nooooooooo I can't believe this! Bu-bu-but. But Mackie and Reese): and Mandy and Drew): it was supposed to be perfect): no): I cant): aaaaaaah you suck. I'm like crying right now. You better update soon! Oh yeah, uh, fantastic chapter(; no really though, I love your writing. You're so talented! Please update soon(:
1/20/2013 c28 UMMLC
Your evil but in a good way. Poor Mandy but I hope drew wasn't kissing a girl for no reason :( Poor Mackie and I truly hope Reece likes her and is T. . Thanks for updating so fast, we all appreciate it a lot. Keep up the amazing story!
Sincerely U MadeMyLifeComplete
1/20/2013 c28 fariswheel
I love Mandy, and I really think Mackie was trying to the right thing. I hope everything works out for them
1/20/2013 c28 Bubbly Girl
Haha misery loves company! :) At least Mackie finally understands just how stupid her idea was! :) Update soon! :)
Peace, Love and Happiness! :)
Bubbly Girl
1/20/2013 c28 5Author-K-J-Lee
Poor Reese. I can't wait to read the next chapter but at the same time I dread it, it's near the ending. (I assume anyway.)
1/20/2013 c28 2GirlWithAPenAndSomePaper
So... Reese likes Mackie eh? :D Please update soon!
1/20/2013 c28 Sparklingjewel12
Well Mackie sort of ruined a whole bunch of everything. Anyway, what happened to Anna?
1/20/2013 c28 1Myst C
you are killing me here... ending this chapter so quickly... but i loved it ... and i think you made him jealous one last time lol right:3 when he saw her and was like you wanted to come here with someone else.. .
so thank you for leaving me wanting more ;D Great chapter by the way!
1/20/2013 c28 whiteyachts
i was definitely hoping for something different to happen at the dance between reese & mackie, but i should have known that after how she set things up for him and anna that he wouldn't be able to let that go once he got to the dance and found mackie. and i actually kind of liked how all that allowed for mackie & mandy to interact more. even if things are a little rough now i'm positive you'll smooth everything out for us anxious readers! and by anxious i mean... is there another update ready?! :)
1/20/2013 c28 Guest
hehe! LOL!..nice chapter...way to keep us hanging!
1/20/2013 c28 12mirame-99
i really hope that drew will be able to explain why he was locking lips with another girl (an act to make her jealous, maybe? :p) before mackie will be able to give him the verbal beating.
1/19/2013 c27 UMMLC
Sincerely U MadeMyLifeComplete
1/18/2013 c27 Ginny
Wow, I just really love your story and I hope you update ASAP! T.F. Catcher, Reese, Mackie, Drew, Mandy, I can't waiit to find out what happens next!
1/17/2013 c27 4cumberbarbie
OHMYGOSH I LOVED THIS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. awwwwewee if course its Reese! :D he's so cuuuute. I can't. This is my favorite ever. Like. Who are you. Nooooo! Dear Mackie, you better run after that boy. He loves yoouuuuu! Not Anna. So DON'T mess this up okay?! Gosh! You belong together. Ok. I love you. Ok bye.
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