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1/16/2013 c27 illest
Ugh please tell me that Anna likes Reese but he totally just wants Mackie and he's been preparing an elaborate way to ask her out through the decorations of the dance and WHAT'S MACKIE GONNA DO SHE BETTER GO STOP REESE AND CONFRONT HIM THIS ANNA/REESE SHIP IS NOT SAILING.
Update soon :)
1/16/2013 c27 grinningwillow
I'm dying for the next chapter.
1/16/2013 c27 Bubbly Girl
NO! Stupid Mackie! She is just going to break his heart and hers! GAH! *breathes deeply* Okay, I'm better now. :) Get the next chapter out ASAP! :)
Peace, Love and Happiness! :)
Bubbly Girl
1/16/2013 c27 mylittleprincess
Omg! Update soon.
1/16/2013 c27 Seiren Cross
I feel so bad for Reese right now.
He's TF Catcher?
I love this story so much though :)
please keep up the good work :D
1/16/2013 c27 jendayi.j.griffith
awww her faves white daisies
1/16/2013 c27 Sparklingjewel12
Aw, that was sweet of her to do but still pretty stupid
1/16/2013 c27 1ravenhowards
Aww Reese is so sweet! Update soon.
1/16/2013 c27 Guest
Thanks for that cliffhanger (sarcasm). I wanna know more! Please write again ASAP! :)
1/16/2013 c27 Guest
HUH! Tunn tunn tunnnnn. Its reese! The fairy catcher! Aaaah loool please update soon or I will kind of die of impatience
1/16/2013 c27 5Author-K-J-Lee
oh no no no.
What is she thinking? I mean, I know what she is thinking, can see why she thinks that but... couldn't she have set up a meeting between the two on some other night and not when Reese obviously put in a lot of thought... which btw just screams I'm TF Catcher.
1/16/2013 c27 whiteyachts
so, so good. lame review, i know, but so good. this is a really excellent chapter and i think you did draw a parallel between ashley and daniel and what mackie is attempting to do for reese and anna. it's kind of amazing that she's willing to be so sacrificing but her intention is really clear. i'm still rooting for her and reese!
1/16/2013 c27 conti siegel
poor Reese :( and Mackie. She doesn't even realize her true feelings. always trying to get others together instead... :(
1/16/2013 c27 12mirame-99
that's nice of ashley to do, so i guess she isn't TF Catcher... thoug mackie is so paranoid about her. ;)
and i hope mackie won't change her mind or - okay. wait a minute. daisies are what TF Cather sends mackie, right...? oh my gosh! does that mean reese is him, or reese already knew about mackie liking daisies and i just missed it?
1/16/2013 c27 1cupcake89
cant wait for the next chapter
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