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12/4/2012 c23 Anon
12/3/2012 c23 jendayi.j.griffith
wow update soon
12/3/2012 c23 Bubbly Girl
Haha Is that drama I smell? It must be because even Mackie is looking worried! :) Things are getting pretty crazy! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Peace, Love and Happiness! :)
Bubbly Girl
12/3/2012 c22 Phantom54
Hello! I'm too lazy to sign in to my FanFiction account, but that's my pen name. P54, that's me! I have yet to get myself a FictionPress...

So I love a good romance story. Something new, fresh, not cliched, but to a point. It has to retain the same common elements that make it a romance. Your story is a perfect example.

Honestly, I love your story. Mackie is just such an intriguing character, I can't stop myself from making several visits to this story and just rereading my favorite Mackie/Reese moments (btw I'm a Reese fan. If only I had a real life Reese made just for me. Life would be swell...)

So that also means I'm really looking forward to the next update. And your profile says December 1st was when Chapter 23 SHOULD have come out. I might've read it wrong but I'm pretty sure it said 12/1/12. I'm sorry for ragging you on it but I just can't wait to see the next chapter. You can call me a fan of the FGM ;)

I think the character map was a great idea. It definitely helped clear up a lot of my confusion between different relationships and stuff.

Totally love Mackie and her crazy stunts and I definitely can't wait to see her again! oh... and Reese :)
11/24/2012 c22 fariswheel
Love it! I hope the rumors start to calm down for Mackie's sake
11/24/2012 c22 9Binkybaby
Zach likes her and is her secert admirer
11/21/2012 c22 Guest
i feel like my comments are the same every chapter, but this really is so good that i can't imagine not liking what you've written. and i can't tell you how much i like the character map, it really helps me to feel more connected to the other characters in the story, so thank you so much for acting on that suggestion! i almost feel like i want to start rereading the story from the beginning so i can use that map as a reference from the beginning!
11/19/2012 c22 2The.Violent.Spazz
Wouldn't it be interesting, if she retired and apologized for her meddling on the newspaper? Like sneak in, change the front page and it gets printed off that way? That way everyone knows that Fairy Gossipmonger is not more.
11/18/2012 c22 Bubbly Girl
Things are getting pretty messy! And you just keep us guessing about who T.F. Catcher is! :) Keep up the great work! :)
Peace, Love and Happiness! :)
Bubbly Girl
11/18/2012 c22 aznbooklover
Love your new chapter! I'm honestly hoping Reese is TF Catcher...I was happy to see my name show up (Kendra), it usually never does in anything! Update soon:)
11/18/2012 c22 jendayi.j.griffith
oh no ...i hope she gets with reese or zach there my faves at first i thought drew liked her but i dont think he does
11/17/2012 c22 12mirame-99
wow. what a bad day for mackie. thanks for updating. :)
11/17/2012 c21 1Phoenix-Tears-101
Once again, AMAZING! Please update soon xxx
11/7/2012 c21 fariswheel
Love it! I can't believe she finally realized she was in love with Reese
11/6/2012 c21 mylittleprincess
awesome amazing story! update soon.
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