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6/18/2005 c7 1Blood-Debt
*laughs* An interesting idea, and very original. However, I suggest that you check your grammar, as it seems a little shaky in places. I wonder why you put a preface though, as it should be explained during the story, as part of the description. Well done.
6/6/2001 c7 Baccarat too lazy to sign in
ummm... jack? what's with this? ::confused:: Oh! i saw eps. 1-20 of mkr! i'm sure you'll be glad to know that- sorry i haven't "popped" up lately but i've been REALLY busy w/ my sis' graduation and my grandparents 50th anniversary so everythings been really hectic and i haven't had much time- but anyway i sorta messed up my sis' comp and i think i'm in trouble and i don't think my parents are going to let me touch a computer for a while and b/c of this, i doubt i'll be able to say "hi" for a while and in july i'm going to be in italy and i'm hoping i can find some free internet access in florence and hopefully my mom will allow me to use a computer. Oh yeah, about the story, that was weird and the chaps. are TOO SHORT. But... now my parents won't let me watch any anime right now because micah told them it was demonic which i told them he's stupid because he hasn't seen any MKR or Fushigi Yuugi so he has no idea, but... my parents don't believe what i say and i better stop typing or else your review will be about 40 pages long so sayo!
5/25/2001 c3 can u guess
hehe... hey sweetums (i'ts my new word! doesnt it make you cringe with fear?) this is pretty kool! so anyways, have a great time in your exam tomorrow!
5/23/2001 c3 Bishie no Miko1
This... is... PERFECT. I hope you don't mind if i *cough*ripoffyouridea*cough* in return! lol, again, just like you i won't do exactly the same thing. call it one for one! ^_~ VERY well written! The exact embodiment of MY feelings! O course, our schools are kinda similar, only mine is *cough*MUCHHARDER*cough*
5/22/2001 c2 Vel C
Oooh. I'm waiting for more chapters =)
5/21/2001 c1 BlackKnight
i don't get it, you need to add a preface to explain some of these things, im sure this all ties in with a larger reality that you have in your head...care to share it?

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