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9/26/2012 c21 skye real
Another great chapter. I think Benry should just tell Collins the truth despite how hard and scarey it is. Only then he will know what kind of relationship he has with Collins. He will also know what kind of person Collins is. Not only that Collins hate secrets and dishonesty.
9/25/2012 c21 citygrl
That was kind of unexpected! But I'm dying to hear the whole story with Greg and for Collins to find out. Looking forward to more!
9/25/2012 c21 DELETE THIS ACCOUNT NOW 323402
I thought the previous chapters were intense and building up to what really happened to Greg... But this was... Whoa! Everything basically exploded. I was not expecting that with Abby and Benry! Everyone is breaking down. I wonder when you are going to reveal what happened in the past that made everyone change.

Overall this chapter broke my heart ((in a good way)) I kept saying "no. no. no. this is not happening" while I was reading.

9/24/2012 c20 5hangeoreb
Please update soon
9/23/2012 c20 4Imagination Intoxication Girl
9/17/2012 c20 brash73
poor Bradley :( I hope Brad and Tay make up in the next chapter and then they can be honest about their relationship soon... I feel like this would be around the perfect time to drop the bomb, Ben can't really say anything since he is with Collins now! I love this story, update soon :)
9/14/2012 c20 mylittlePRINCESS
Please update soon.
9/13/2012 c20 buttercup123
Ooo I love Benry and Collins! I think I may love them more than Tenley and Colton (though that may be just a blip due to recent changes lol). Anywho thank you for the chapter :)
9/12/2012 c20 1funnechick
I love this story, but this chapter did have more than a few typos that got me off track from time to time.

Besides that, things are really heating up between all the characters. I feel like this Jared is going to cause some problems in the future...I hope I'm wrong about that though.
9/12/2012 c20 skye real
I really like Collins and Benry's relationship. Nice chapter and there's a lot goin on here in every couples relationship. Awesome!
9/12/2012 c20 Guest
Oh I love Benry and Collins together so much :')
9/11/2012 c19 mylittlePRINCESS
please update soon!
9/7/2012 c19 xhopelessxromanticx
I've been reading this all day and I am absolutely hooked! Cannot wait to read the rest!
9/4/2012 c19 darkgurl92
i hope nothing ruins their relationship for right now since it's just beginning, but i have a feeling someone is going to tell collins about greg. Although, there are a lot of missing pieces to the story. update soon
9/1/2012 c19 JJsMommy29
awe how sweet loved this chapter so can't wait for more so keep up the amazing work and update soon
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