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3/12/2011 c1 Yazdaa
moremoremore! :D
3/12/2011 c1 foxyricanlady
i really enjoyed this story i wanna know whos this bradley guy is. is he the one the was in the empty classroom with taylor?
3/12/2011 c1 2Severed Arm
O: Write more! :D I'd love to see more of your writing skills in this story. ^^
3/12/2011 c1 2LissyGirl
I love this!:D Update asap!
3/12/2011 c1 InsanityAndBeyond
ohh interesting!

update soon!
3/12/2011 c1 Matiroxs
Cool story,can you add more =D
3/12/2011 c1 ThatWasSoEpic
Like this so far! :)

So who's Bradley? And who was the guy Taylor was talking to?

Well, can't wait to see what happens next!
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