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11/6/2013 c6 Guest
really good! sexy and beautiful
2/14/2013 c1 Guest
why the FUCK can i only read the first 5 chapters? this is so pissing off
11/28/2012 c6 tanja
I Thoughtless was the most beautiful book which I ever read. I am trying to buy also e version of effortless ( the print version I bought , but now I must wait until January for shipping), but I could find
the link. And I am disappointed because we mus wait too, too long for the Recless. , and the teaser
about Bridget made me very sad
8/27/2012 c1 2Michelle Valentine
Freakin' Love this!
5/21/2012 c27 jfby
I fell in love with your story (and Kellan :) ). The characters are human, imperfect, it's well written. I'm glad I discovered your stories here.
2/14/2012 c27 esterlilja
please write a sequel, I'm suffering from kellan-withdrawal ;D
2/9/2012 c14 child-of-the-rain
i love this!
1/30/2012 c25 kimmi0404
Looking forward to buying the book when its available! eek! =D
1/4/2012 c26 Paige
Good ending! I regret my earlier review of one of the chapters. The book continued not at all as I expected and I loved it!
1/4/2012 c15 Paige
Ugh this was painful to read. I am really starting to not like Keira. How could she be so stupid? This is all going to blow up in her face and we basically can predict the entire thing.
1/3/2012 c26 deedums64
I just finish this story after Thoughtless and I totally love them! Excellent characters, beautiful detail, and wonderful angsty plot. I, of course, like all others fell in love with Kellan . . . . Yummy! Who I picture in my head when I think of Kellan is Michael Hutchence . . . . . The former and unfortunately deceased lead singer of the Australian band INXS. Especially his stage presence gelled with your description in the books.

Thank you for such a sexy and compelling story.

11/29/2011 c26 SugerBoo
Damn your such a good writer:')

I just finnished reading and gosh it was amazing, well done!

I've definently become attached to keira and kellan. More than any fiction charracter I've come across, the way you described them was just wow. And I love kellen, he's my favourite in thee world, I think I might have fallen in love with him.

It saddened my heart that the story has ended, but I did savour every word and I'll never forget this story:') it really touched my heart and I've also learned a lot. Seeing keira grow and be confident makes me want to as well and I just want to thankyou for writing this book, sure made smile like a goof at the romantic parts:')

I hope you do come back one day and write the next book,it would make my day:D I would love to see what happens to keira and kellan, since you left a few loose ends. Anyways thankyou,again. (Really hope you do write the next book because I can't stop thinking about it eee) bye xoxox
11/24/2011 c27 anjali
LOVE this book sooo much...

when are you planning to make the next book with more of kellen and kirea?
11/8/2011 c23 gaby
I love this story, and I think you are an incredibly talented author. The only criticism I have involves Kiera. I find her incredibly judgmental when it comes to everyone else, but she isn't acknowledging her own faults very often. For example, she judges Anna for not telling Griffin about the baby, but she kept Denny a secret from Kellan for months. Its very hypocritical.
10/28/2011 c26 kimmi0404
I'm totally in love with this story! Aww i love Kellan as well.
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